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Our Downhill Skis Weights Project

We started this project to provide fellow skiers reliable in depth data on skis weights. Basically, we created a protocol to:

  1. 1. weigh on site at our shop in Golden, CO
  2. 2. consistently ensure the reliability by checking our scale's calibration
  3. 3. perform some math to make the data useful

An aspect that made this project especially fun within our company was that everyone contributed to it: from our newest hires spending their first days here, to those of us who have been here since day one. Some weighed and recorded data, others organized the skis and prioritized the weigh-ins, and others coded up the pages to display the data. Like many aspects of our small, but mighty, company it was an all-hands-on-deck affair.

If you want to dig into the details of our methodology then click here: Introducing The Powder7 Weights Project

Skis Ordered By Waist Width

This is the most useful way to present the data. If you know what waist width you're interested in then you can look at the weights of skis around that width.

Skis Ordered By Weight Per Square Centimeter

This is a really fun measurement as it's essentially comparing different constructions. For instance, we can compare the Dynafit PDG 161cm long/65mm waist race touring ski to the DPS Wailer 106 Tour 178cm long/106mm waist backcountry ski. That kind of comparison is fun to see for ski geeks like us who are interested in ski construction albeit not as useful if you're actually choosing a pair of skis.

Skis Ordered By Brand and Model

This is useful if you quickly want to look up a particular ski model's weight measured in grams per centimeter.