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Black Crows Atris Reviews:

  Playful and durable!

As a powerful/playful skier, I really enjoy how these skis help me perform through whatever snow conditions and terrain. The 108mm width is perfect for gliding through powder and I've still managed to navigate my way around tight sections of trees, rocks and stumps while maintaining control and stability. They also carve really well on groomers with a quick edge. Overall, these are my go-to skis for any day.

Height: 5' 9'' Weight: 150 Age: 23

Terrain: All Mountain, Park, Backcountry, Groomers

Jake Burchmore on Jan. 13th 2021

  The Couloir Slayer

Does the thought of a 50degree couloir excite you? Are playful yet stable skis with just the right amount of rocker your style? Do you like showering with your favorite person? If so check out the Atris by Black Crows! This tester has skied many of the classic Eastern Sierra lines, on many different skis, and has yet to find a set-up better suited to skiing steeps confidently in all types of snow, followed by jumping off of everything in sight on the way back to the trailhead. .

Height: 6' 0'' Weight: 170 Age: 28

Terrain: Steep Couloirs!

Superstokedsteve on Feb. 25th 2021

This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

Powder7 Staff Pick Zack
By: Zack
What a fantastically well rounded ski, and another ski that was part of our famous Wolf Creek adventure. This was my ski of choice for when the ski area had only reported 3 inches, but we were pleasantly surprised by about a foot. As I have stated in a few other reviews, anything is going to be fun in a foot of snow as long as it is wide enough and has some rocker. This ski felt wider than what it actually is in deep snow and I have also had the chance to take it out on harder snow days earlier in the season, and I was quite impressed. I wouldn't lie to you, there is definitely some chatter at the highest of speeds but really no loss of edge hold. This could be a quiver of one for someone who spends 80% of their time off the groomed trails. The ski shines most in tight turning scenarios like moguls and trees. Also, when choosing a size for this ski, do not be afraid to size up just a bit. I normally am most comfortable in the upper 170's as far as length goes and I rocked the 184cm with ease.
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Powder7 Staff Pick Matt
By: Matt
As a freeride-oriented skier with a lust for powder, I feel like I'm always on a quest to find a mid-fat all-mountain ski that's playful and surfy enough for soft snow and smooth and stable enough to bust crud or rip carves. I don't like noodle skis, but I'm not a hulking ex-racer looking for a pure bomber. I dare say the Atris gets me. Like, more than any ski (or woman) ever has. At Wolf Creek, the ski floated, sprayed, and slashed through trees in two-plus feet (yeehaw!) of fresh storm snow. Then it popped off cornices and cliffs. Then it laid smooth trenches on packed trails. Then it ok, I'll stop. I think you get the point.

In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Matt

2022-2023 Black Crows Atris Review

The Third-Edition Black Crows Atris is Here. Not that you asked—but my first ski purchase as a Powder7 employee was the Black Crows Atris. It was 2017, and Powder7 was the preeminent North American dealer of Black Crows, a fresh Chamonix-based ski brand full of pizazz. The ski instantly became my all-time favorite, leapfrogging all of about three other skis on that list. Five and a half years later, both Black Crows and the Atris have exploded in popularity and scope—and I've skied a lot more skis. Loveland Ski Area provided a worthy testing grounds for 2022-2023 skis. SKIER: ... Continue Reading

Black Crows Skis 2023 Preview

Black Crows Skis 2023: The First Look Updating a Classic The 2022-2023 Black Crows collection features another round of colorful topsheets. With a distinct flair for freeride fun—and French flavor—Chamonix-based Black Crows continues to grow in popularity across North America. It's wild to think that we became the first North American Black Crows dealer more than half a decade ago. Time flies, and we're still smitten with Black Crows skis. Specifically, the Atris and Atris Birdie have reigned supreme in the wider all-mountain and freeride category of skis. You won't find ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2023 Black Crows Atris:

Few skis reach the point of cult classic status, but the Black Crows Atris quickly rose to the challenge and won our hearts right when it was released. Endlessly playful, responsive, and stable enough to charge with the best of them, the Atris quickly became a ski we all reached for no matter the conditions. So when we heard the Atris was changing, you can understand our slight distress. The good news? Not all change is bad. Instead of a total overhaul, the changes are more like refinements that improve stability and smoothness on firmer snow. Black Crows moved the contact points closer to the tip and tail, elongating the effective edge and giving you greater stability when carving or edging through crusty steeps. With a slightly trimmer waist -- 108mm to 105mm -- you can quickly roll the skis over on edge. Despite this, the Atris doesn't lose it's character. You still get the same poppy and playful ride that attracted all of us in the first place. It's just as easy to flick to the side when bashing through tight trees, navigating tech-y steeps, or racing through bump runs. And with the new shape, you get greater edge hold in those places when conditions are not as soft as you might want them to be. The ski also remains metal-less, a unique find in today's partial-metal-laminate trend, giving you a progressive flex that's just as fun to play around on and provides great suspension. So often we are looking for the ski that can do quite literally anything and everything, and while there's no one magic ski that carves as well as it floats in powder, the new 2023 Atris certainly gives other skis a run for their money.

2023 Black Crows Atris Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Partial Sidewall
Weight:3880 grams (per pair for size 178cm) Learn more about ski weights


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