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Kids Ski Size Chart and Sizing Guide

Step One: Identify the ability of your child and liklihood that she will advance.

Is your child a true beginner, or an advancing intermediate? Is she on the cusp of dominating blues and moving on to black diamonds? Does your child seem like she will be a beginner for a while?

Step Two: Consider the height and weight of your child and the liklihood that those numbers will grow (and how quickly).

If your child is sprouting up, it might be a good idea to buy a longer ski than he'll need right now. We don't recommend going more than 10cm than he or she is at currently. If they are already at the top of the bindings' DIN range you may want to purchase a set of bindings where they are in the middle of the range.

Step Three: Identify what style of ski your child wants or needs.

If your kid is a little shredder in the park and pipe, twin tips are a must. If your child is getting into racing, having a flat tail is going to help her develop the fundamentals. Your child might really want twin tips but really she needs a terrific all mountain ski with a lifted tail but not necessarily the kind of tail you'll find on a park ski.

Step Four: Think about your child's color and graphic preference.

Some kids won't ski on a ski that looks too girly or mannish or ugly and only they will be able to tell you when each term is in play. If you have a picky child, keep his preferences in mind- believe us, it will save you from frustration in the future. Kids' skis are essentially unisex so do not worry about buying something that won't suit their performance.

Step Five: How often you want to buy skis for your child?

You may want to buy the perfect size skis for your kids. Or you can buy skis that they can grow into. If your child is competing in racing or freestyle skiing, it is probably wise to pick the size they fit in now.

Kids' Ski Size Chart

Height (inches) Weight (pounds) Ski Length Beginner (cm) Ski Length Experienced (cm)
37 34 70 80
40 37 80 90
43 42 90 100
45 46 95 105
47 50 100 110
50 57 110 120
53 63 115 125
55 70 120 130
57 79 130 140

Keep in mind that a shorter ski will feel easier at first for a beginner, but a longer ski will be more stable once he starts carrying more speed down the hill. Lighter skiers typically prefer shorter skis.

If there's one thing we love to do, it's recommend skis! So, please feel free to give us a call at 303-237-7547 and we can help you find the perfect skis for your little one.

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