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Ski Bootfitting in Golden, Colorado

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The Powder7 Bootfit Guarantee

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: You date your skis, but you marry your boots. We have a fantastic team of well trained bootfitters here at Powder7 that can help you find your "solemate", and we stand behind their work. If you get your boots fit in our Golden, Colorado store with a supportive insole recommended by one of our bootfitters, we guarantee the fit for one year from the purchase date. This includes any sort of adjustments or modifications needed to dial the fit perfectly, including molding, punching, grinding, etc. during your first year with the boots. But even boot experts make mistakes, so if we can't solve persistent issues, we've got you covered.

The Details

-Free custom boot work is included with in-store purchase of new ski boots and fitter recommended insole
-If you're unhappy with the fit after several adjustments, we'll find a great replacement, provide store credit, or fully refund your purchase if there are no other options in our current inventory
-Guarantee lasts for one year after purchase date.

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Questions? We have answers.

Why is getting a supportive insole so important?

Most people have what we call an "unstable" foot. Simply put, this means your foot moves ever so slightly as you are walking around, skiing, skinning uphill, apres-ing in the parking lot, or really anything that involves standing or moving on feet. Unlike your daily shoes, ski boots are rigid cylinders made of hard plastic. Any amount of movement inside of the boot can cause pain and discomfort. Insoles support your foot in its relaxed, unweighted, natural position to help align your lower leg and foot when standing or moving. In ski boots, this prevents unnecessary movement and ultimately, the hot spots that end days early. Think of the insole as the sturdy foundation that your entire body is built on and uses to interact with your boots, skis, and bindings. Sounds pretty important, right?

It seems like there's a lot of insole options. What are the differences?

Molded specifically to your feet in the shop, custom insoles offer the most support and comfort. No two feet are exactly the same, so custom insoles allow both feet to get the precise support they need. We carry several different styles of custom insoles, from softer models great for daily shoes, to pro level, fully posted footbeds. We also offer trim-to-fit or drop-in insoles from Superfeet that are great generic insoles, but they will not offer the same full support, alignment and customization that comes from custom insoles. Our fitters are happy to go over the options, and what's best for you, your feet, and your skiing.

I still don't really want the extra insole. Will my fit still be guaranteed?

If you have a proper custom footbed from a previous boot, prescribed orthotics, or other medical condition, we can totally work with you and offer free modifications on boots purchased with us. Otherwise, we charge our standard boot work rate for any shell or liner modifications for boots purchased without an insole. You can always purchase an insole at a later date, and we can then extend our fit guarantee starting from the purchase date of the boots. Our goal is to get you in the best fit possible right from the start, and we find that an appropriate insole solves most problems right out of the gate.

Why only a year long guarantee?

A good pair of boots and insoles can last many years if fit properly from the start. Typically, any problems that come up in ski boots will be noticeable within the first few times skiing in them. We want to take care of these problems right away so you enjoy your time skiing as quickly as possible. Once the problems have been addressed, there usually isn't any more work to do unless you have major changes in your feet.

Does the guarantee cover the liner packing out?

"Packing out" is a normal part of a liner's wear and tear, and usually the first thing we see "wear out" in a ski boot. Depending on the liner (and the skier), we see people noticing excessive "packing out" of the liner anywhere from 40-80 days of skiing. We try to factor this into the fitting process, which is why we fit ski boots "suspiciously snug" in the store. Since the lifespans can vary so much, we can't guarantee the liner's lifespan. If you do need a new liner, there are plenty of aftermarket liners available. We can't recommend ZipFit Liners enough, and are happy to fit you with a pair for new or exisiting boots.

What if I bought boots online?

Getting the perfect fit online is a very tricky thing to do unless you have all of the knowledge and tools at home. You are more than welcome to buy multiple pairs of boots to try on at home to compare and then return the ones you don't like, as long as they are still in new condition. If you buy boots online and then come into our Golden, Colorado shop for an assessment with one of our bootfitters, we will extend our guarantee if the bootfitter thinks that boot is a good fit and you get a pair of insoles.

What if I bought my boots from somewhere else?

We are happy to help you get the perfect fit in any pair of boots you bring to us! We charge a rate of $50/hr for any custom work we have to do (the initial assessment is free). If we think we can make it work, we will try our best to make it fit, but sometimes, your boots and you may not be solemates after all. If the original fit is off, any amount of custom work typically still won't solve the big problems. Our staff can go over why it may not be the best fit, and suggest some other options if you're interested.

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