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Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility isn't just a buzz phrase - it's the foundation upon which our company has been built since day one.


In a fossil fuel based society, it is important to mindfully use energy because all energy use contributes to our carbon footprint and ultimately, global climate change. The tuning machine & compressor use the most energy in the shop followed by the warehouse heaters. Knowing what the biggest energy-using devices are will help us use energy sensibly.

  • - Everyone here is mindful of the energy consumed and what is allowed to go to waste
  • - Machines are powered down every evening
  • - Rechargeable batteries are used in all battery-powered devices
  • - Heat and air conditioning are used judiciously
Wintersteiger Discovery ski tuning machine.
Wintersteiger Discovery ski tuning machine.


Ski retail has a high level of material use. Since the beginning, we’ve focused on reusing materials. The first product we sold was the demo ski! Skis are durable and can be used for many, many years. We also prefer to reuse warehouse racking and large ski-related machines. Reducing and reusing materials is much more helpful to the planet than recycling (we do recycle when we need to though!). Overall we would like to reduce landfill waste.

  • - Utilize second-hand warehousing materials: racking, ladders
  • - Reclaimed beetle kill pine slatwalls in storefront
  • - When possible, we salvage functional parts from otherwise broken skis
  • - We sell used skis! These are a durable good that can be reused by many users over a long period of time.
  • - We don't carry any products with real animal fur.


We ship 80% of our orders out the door and shipping is by far the largest impact to our carbon footprint. We can mitigate the carbon emissions by improving steps in the shipping process.

  • - We reuse packaging material whenever possible and don't use any excess packaging material
  • - Working with FedEx, we use a shipping option that allows us to fill otherwise empty space in containers going oversees
  • - Local customers are encouraged to pick-up orders
  • - Customers are encouraged to reuse packaging to send back returns
  • - We ship via Ground services instead of Air whenever possible
  • - We encourage our supplies to use efficient packaging
Wintersteiger Discovery ski tuning machine.
Wintersteiger Discovery ski tuning machine.

Happy Employees

We cares about employees’ quality of life. This makes Powder7 a better place to work. We have a friendly and open atmosphere. We are avid users of the products we sell. Balance between work and life outside of work is taken seriously.

  • - Flexible work schedule—especially in the summer off-season
  • - Company lunches from local companies, not chains
  • - 100% of employees within 40-minute commute zone, 42% of employees within 10-minute commuter zone. Some employees even carpool or bike to work.
  • - Workplace health and safety a priority
  • - Support employee sustainability projects
  • - Donate time, money, and products to local non-profit organizations
  • - Support employee volunteer time