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In Depth Staff Reviews:

2024-2025 Elan Skis Preview

Elan Skis 2025: First Look Rippin' Sticks since 1963 You heard it: a new Elan Ripstick is in town. Elan's hallmark all-mountain ski delivered performance for a variety of skills and styles of skiing. With a shape and construction that prioritizes versatility, the Ripsticks can help you level up as a skier. So why the change? Elan took the bones of a ski we know and love and sought to make it even better. We discuss the updates to the Ripstick, along with other skis in their line in our Elan skis 2025 preview. What's New Elan revamps its Ripstick series with ... Continue Reading

By: Alex

Seven 2024 Skis We're Stoked About

Say Yes to the Fresh. With new playful all-mountain models that inspire new tricks and stunts, all the way to big-mountain chargers that challenge us in new ways, there's plenty of new gear to be excited about for the upcoming season. 2024 skis bring variety, innovation in sustainability and new ski constructions, and sick new graphics (which, let's be honest, is what excites skiers the most). It's hard to pick just our favorite seven out of everything new, but these are some of the models that left the biggest grins on our faces after testing. Loading up the truck after a full ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2024 Elan Playmaker 101:

The all-new Elan Playmaker 101 splashes onto the ski scene for 2023-2024 riding a four-year-long wave of stoke created by the Ripstick. Elan’s revitalization has been powered by the Ripstick (and Glen Plake’s pink mohawk), and with the Playmaker, they bring a playful, freestyle-oriented all-mountain ski into the mix. Think of the Playmaker 101 as a mashup between the Ripstick and the newer Ripstick Tour. It’s built with an energetic Tubelite wood core plus two carbon rods for stability (a la the Ripstick) and the wrapping sidewall you see in the Tour. That, plus a funky trapezoid bevel along the topsheet edges, makes for a legit strength-to-weight ratio. In other words: The Playmaker weighs in lighter than many other skis in this category. It feels playful and energetic. Yet it also skis smoothly and offers a stable platform. By ditching the Amphibio tech (left and right specific) and tipping the tails, Elan angles the Playmaker as a freestyle ski with legit all-mountain chops. So if you enjoy lightweight and energetic skis like the Ripstick but want more sizzle for jibbing, steezing, slaying, slashing, airing, and general shenaniganizing, you’ve come to the right place. Similar skis: Armada ARV 100, Atomic Bent 100.

2024 Elan Playmaker 101 Specs:

Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3480 grams (per pair for size 180cm) Learn more about ski weights


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