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In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Matt M

2020 Icelantic Skis Preview

Read our preview of 2021 Icelantic skis. Au Natural One trend we noticed at this year's Outdoor Retailer? Ski companies are lovin' the "lightweight freeride" skiā€”those mid-fat pow-lovers that can rip resort off-piste or heli lines but are light enough to be touring options. The lineup of 2020 Icelantic skis has one of those: the new Natural 111. Oh, and as usual, they absolutely crush the topsheet game. Read our review of the all-new 2020 Icelantic Riveter 95 Icelantic rounds out its women's collection for next season by adding a new ski: the Riveter 85 and 95. It's more or less the love-child of the Maiden and the Oracle, with a thinner profile and more flex than the latter. Poplar in the core makes for strength on piste or in variable snow, making the Riveter the ... Continue Reading

2020 Icelantic Riveter 95 Description:

Allegra was the first Powder7 staffer to ski the Riveter 95. She took her dad to Arapahoe Basin. An absolute ripper, Allegra was a little skeptical when she hand-flexed the all-new Riveter 95. They're on the softer side of medium. Then she went skiing, and everything changed. Leaving her father in the dust, she exclaimed "these things are sick!" And that's what Icelantic's going for. The new Riveter line blends the directional flavor of the Oracle with the freeride-oriented, playful features of the Maiden. So with camber underfoot and a huge sweet spot, the Riveter carves like it means business, especially if you enjoy laying down trenches on skis that really flex into the turns. The tapered tips and freeride rocker profile keep the Riveters shifty in moguls and floaty in powder. Yes, Dad, skis are different these days.

2020 Icelantic Riveter 95 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall