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Head Kore 93 Skis Now On Sale

In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Matt M

2020 Head Skis and Boots Preview

Read our preview of 2021 Head skis Kore Concepts Offered on the men's side in 93, 99, 105, and 117 versions, the formidable Kore is going to also be available in women's versions (93 and 99) for next year. Don't worry, ladies—these are the same Kores but with more sizes and a slightly more forward recommended mount point. The other Kores will also be offered in shorter sizes, opening the line up to more skiers. Also important in the 2020 Head skis lineup: the revered Supershapes get fresh paint jobs but no other changes. On the boot side, Head carries its Kore momentum into the freeride touring market with the Kore 1 and Kore 2 models. The Highlights Supershape topsheets change, but the skis stay the same. The Kore 99, 105, and 117 will be offered in more ... Continue Reading

By: Matt M

The Best All Mountain Skis of 2019

If we had a dollar for every time customers say they're looking for "good all mountain skis," we would...well...we would own more pairs of good all mountain skis. In today's skiing landscape, defining categories of gear can be tough. All mountain skis differ for different people. The powder-hungry freeride skier at Jackson skis the whole mountain on playful sticks with waist widths around 110 millimeters. The rad dad drops his kids at a lesson in the morning and has four hours to charge every trail off the summit quad on the widest skis he's ever used—metal-loaded chargers that measure 93 millimeters underfoot. The Bostonian escapes to Killington to rip bumps, groomers, and tree stashes on 85-millimeter-wide Swiss Army knives that are the best "all mountain" skis he read about ... Continue Reading

By: Matt M

2019 Head Skis Preview

Check out our preview of 2020 Head skis. Here are some highlights from the 2019 Head skis lineup: New Kore, Fresh Line of Frontsiders For 2019, Head brings back the smash-hit Kore series of freeride skis for a second season, but with a new face in the lineup. Meet the Kore 99. Built to match the other skis in the series—carbon, Graphene, koroyd, karuba—the Kore 99 flexes pretty stiff. However, like its brethren, we expect it to pair nimbleness and float with the typical components of Head skis: great edge hold, high speed limit, smooth ride. The combo launched the inaugural line of Kores to sell out early in the 2018 season. We expect the Kore to be equally as popular in 2019. Another reason for Head-y excitement? The debut of the new V-Shape series. ... Continue Reading

2020 Head Kore 93 Description:

Like lemmings, skiers followed when the industry took a turn toward wider, rockered-out skis. That's why some folks, especially out here in the West, fell in love with wide 100mm-plus boards as their everyday tools of choice. Minus those knuckleheads, the rage is calming these days, and scores of all-mountain skiers want their one-ski-quiver to land in the next narrower category down the ladder. The trend explains why Head originally released the Kore in a 105 and a 93 - two Kores to rule them all plus that fatter 117 to crush powder. With narrower, lightweight freeride skis killing it, the Kore 93 is in the midst of its hey-day. Stiff to the flex, strong on groomers, playful in powder. What's not to like? Similar skis: Blizzard Rustler 9, Salomon QST 92, Atomic Vantage 90 Ti.

2020 Head Kore 93 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3250 grams (per pair for size 171cm) Learn more about ski weights