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Montero AS Skis Now On Sale

In Depth Staff Reviews:

2023-2024 Stockli Skis Preview

Stockli Skis 2024: The First Look More Montero. Swiss designed and built, Stockli skis offer a strong balance of skiability and performance in one package. Providing some of the smoothest rides and most damp suspension in the industry, Stockli holds a special place in the market as unabashadly premium. After successfully launching their new Montero AR and Montero AX last season, Stockli expands the Montero line with two new skis. We also get an updated Stormrider 88 and 95, so let's dive into the new Stockli skis for 2024. Stockli Skis 2024: First Look Montero ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2024 Stockli Montero AS:

If you love to carve quick, fast, short turns but don't need the full-speed demanding ride of a slalom-specific ski, the all-new Stockli Montero AS was built for you. Adding to their all-mountain carving Montero collection, the Montero AS combines a fast-turning shape with the versatile construction of the Montero AR and AX. So what's the secret science from Stockli makes these skis ride so well? Exhibit A: Flex Torsion Control. The internal metal sheet of the Montero AS features unique cutouts that allow the ski's torsional rigidity to remain adaptable. Turn initiations are more effortless and seamless, while the ski remains perfectly in control and powerful during carves. Compared to the Laser SL, the Montero AS features more (but still slight) rocker in the tip and tail, giving you greater maneuverability and adds to the easy turn initiations. Stockli wanted to deliver a quick-turning ski with all-mountain capabilities, and in typical Stockli fashion, they fully delivered.

2024 Stockli Montero AS Specs:

Rocker:All Mountain Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 9
Construction:Full Sidewall

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