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The 10 Best Men's Carving Skis of 2020

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Sometimes, the perfect day is laying down your edges and shredding up the front side. Here are Powder7's top picks for the all-time best men's carving skis.

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Best Carving Skis: Customer Favorites

1. Stockli Laser AX $1199.00

Stockli Laser AX s
Dimensions: 124/78/111
Ability level: 8/10
Weight: 3860 grams
The basics: Some skiers, like us western powder-loving buffoons, sense hilarity in Stockli's description of the 78mm-waisted Laser AX as an "all-mountain ski". Want an all-mountain ski? We'll give you a Stormrider 95 or 105. Other skiers might ask what's so funny. Either way, one thing is for certain. The Laser AX slices and dices like the Swiss version of Emeril Lagasse. No, we don't know who that ... learn more

2. Stockli Laser AR $1249.00

Stockli Laser AR s
Dimensions: 130/83/112
Ability level: 8/10
The basics: Late one night, a cop stopped a young man who was driving waaay over the speed limit. "I've been waiting for you all night," the cop said with a smirk. Handing over the required documents, the young man shrugged his shoulders. "I got here as fast as I could," he said. The cop raised his eyebrows. Dang, that was good. The young man didn't get a ticket. Whether you are breaking speed limits or ... learn more

3. Kastle MX84 $999.00

Kastle MX84 s
Dimensions: 128/84/112
Ability level: 9/10
Weight: 3820 grams
The basics: Kastle's prized MX84 returns, of course, for 2020 stronger than ever. Kastle keeps it rolling with the same construction from 2019. Boasting stiff sidewalls, unapologetic camber, titanal plus fiberglass, and silver fir/beech woodcore, the premium-built MX stands in a category on its own. The day Kastle stops making the MX84 will likely be the day the sun burns out...and speed-loving ... learn more

4. Dynastar Legend X84 $449.95

Dynastar Legend X84 s
Dimensions: 123/84/106
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: A one-ski quiver for an all-mountain skier, the Legend X84 delivers all-terrain performance so you can explore the whole mountain with confidence. With Dynastar's newest Powerdrive Free construction, this ski offers playful energy combined with dynamic power so you can grip the mountain with incredible control. A full wood core makes the ski lively as well as stable while fiberglass keeps it ... learn more

5. Head Supershape i.Rally $749.00

Head Supershape i.Rally s
Dimensions: 134/75/113
Ability level: 9/10
The basics: You can always Rally for another run. And the Head i.Rally makes it more fun than ever to go fast. With just a new topsheet for this season, these recreational-style all-mountain race skis are some of the finest in the industry. Snappy and quick edge-to-edge, they swoop in and out of turns with lightning speed and precision. KERS technology returns the energy you drive into the skis, making ... learn more

6. Head Supershape i.Magnum $749.00

Head Supershape i.Magnum s
Dimensions: 130/72/110
Ability level: 9/10
The basics: The Head Supershapes offer speed-seeking frontside skiers the perfect blend of performance and skiability. With a tighter turn radius than other Supershapes, the Magnum escapes authority by blazing through the hairiest of spots. World Cup Sandwich Construction gets you to top speed in a hurry, and Speed Rocker keeps things maneuverable and shifty. Conquer the Wild West or the colonial East ... learn more

7. Volkl Racetiger GS $999.00

Volkl Racetiger GS s
Dimensions: 114/69/97
Ability level: 10/10
The basics: For decades Volkl has been on the forefront of race technology. So, it's no surprise that the Racetiger series continues to win awards and be a leader in all things fast. Unchanged this year, save for a hot new topsheet, the Racetiger GS is packed with features to ensure that you get a smooth and chatter free ride in every condition, from bulletproof ice in the morning to corn chowder in the ... learn more

8. Volkl Racetiger SL $1109.00

Volkl Racetiger SL s
Dimensions: 127/68/103
Ability level: 10/10
The basics: Whether you're in a college league, a beer leauge, or no league at all, the Racetiger SL is sure to impress all of your slalom carver friends. The quickest and the speediest of the Racetiger line-up, the Racetiger SL has a short turning radius that will have you zipping through the gates or the people. Featuring the latest and greatest technologies you would expect from Volkl, the Racetiger ... learn more

9. Nordica Navigator 85 $549.99

Nordica Navigator 85 s
Dimensions: 120/84/105
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: With an emphasis on versatility, the Navigator 85 is at home anywhere. Inspired by Navigator's award-winning Enforcer, the Navigator offers legendary, on-trail performance. For exceptional edge hold and response, its Hex Bridge construction pairs a full wood core with a lightweight matrix of metal. In addition to boosting confidence and stability, this design reduces vibrations and chatter ... learn more

10. Blizzard Brahma 82 $599.95

Blizzard Brahma 82 s
Dimensions: 121/82/105
Ability level: 8/10
The basics: New for 2020, The Blizzard Brahma 82 is designed to bring the ripping power of it's bigger sibling to those who prefer the front side of the mountain, or our friends on the East Coast. It has a slightly tighter turn radius to improve it's medium sized carves, while still encouraging it's rider to let it loose. The narrower waist may make this ski quicker edge to edge, but it is still happy ... learn more

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