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The Best Men's Carving Skis

Shop our full selection of the best men's carving skis.

Sometimes, the perfect day is laying down your edges and shredding up the front side. Here are Powder7's top picks for the all-time best men's carving skis.

1. Stockli Laser AX $1199.00

Stockli Laser AX s
Dimensions: 124/78/111
Ability Level: 8/10
Weight: 3860 grams
The Basics: The Laser AX is a powerful yet extremely intuitive ski that rides like you would expect a swiss engineered ski to feel. Smooth. Adaptive Contact Length technology allows the ski to make any turn radius your heart could desire by simply applying more or less pressure to the ski, and the Turtle Shell Comfort technology lends enough flex to make it capable off-piste as you seek out stashes in ... learn more

2. Kastle MX84 $1499.00

Kastle MX84 s
Dimensions: 128/84/112
Ability Level: 9/10
The Basics: Kastle's prized MX84 returns, of course, for 2019 stronger than ever. Kastle serves it up this year with stiffer sidewalls to go with the unapologetic camber, titanal plus fiberglass, and silver fir/beech woodcore. The day Kastle stops making the MX84 will likely be the day the sun burns out...and speed-loving frontside rippers rejoice. A nice size run means that men, women, and the raddest ... learn more

3. Head Supershape i.Titan $779.91

Head Supershape i.Titan s
Dimensions: 137/80/117
Ability Level: 9/10
The Basics: The captain of its own destiny, and a Titan of the ski industry, the Head i.Titan is universally acclaimed for its power and precision. The I.Titan can ski anywhere and do anything, as long as you have the power and technique to drive a strong ski. Equipped with A World Cup Sandwich construction and a Race Structured Base, this ski can flat out haul. Heads Speed Rocker lends easy turn ... learn more

4. Head Supershape i.Rally $739.95

Head Supershape i.Rally s
Dimensions: 135/76/114
Ability Level: 9/10
The Basics: Rally your courage and push yourself aboard the ultimate fun missile from Head. These skis are built for speed and control from side-stash to corduroy. Heads World Cup Sandwich construction is all about control at the edge, and this ski encourages fast turns and high G-Forces. A Speed Rocker allows for easier turn initiation, and KERS ensures that energy you put in to the ski is returned ... learn more

5. Dynastar Legend X84 $569.95

Dynastar Legend X84 s
Dimensions: 123/84/106
Ability Level: 7/10
The Basics: A one-ski quiver for an all-mountain skier, the Legend X84 delivers all-terrain performance so you can explore the whole mountain with confidence. With Dynastar's newest Powerdrive Free construction, this ski offers playful energy combined with dynamic power so you can grip the mountain with incredible control. A full wood core makes the ski lively as well as stable while fiberglass keeps it ... learn more

6. Volkl RTM 81 $699.00

Volkl RTM 81 s
Dimensions: 128/81/109
Ability Level: 7/10
The Basics: Any skier from advanced to expert can use the RTM 81 as an every day ski. Its versatile width, combined with the WideRide XL TCX binding system, and innovative 3D.RIDGE Construction are ideally suited for all day ripping on the ... learn more

7. DPS Cassiar F82 Foundation $639.95

DPS Cassiar F82 Foundation s
Dimensions: 124/82/107
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 3690 grams
The Basics: The most aggressive ski in the frontside-focused Cassiar family, the Cassiar F82 is built to excel on groomed terrain. A svelte 82mm-wide footprint and highly tapered sidecut launches you into the turn quickly and precisely on any surface. The rocker profile is dialed back a bit from its wide-mouthed siblings in the Wailer series, offering a longer effective length and more stability at high ... learn more

8. Stockli Laser SX $1489.00

Stockli Laser SX s
Dimensions: 120/70/99
Ability Level: 8/10
The Basics: The Laser SX remains a high precision racing machine. With the new Turtle Shell technology, the ski responds accurately to changes in tempo. It rides solidly at high speeds and reacts smoothly to edge pressure at slower ... learn more

9. Rossignol Experience 84 HD $319.95

Rossignol Experience 84 HD s
Dimensions: 133/84/120
Ability Level: 6/10
Weight: 3670 grams
The Basics: The all-mountain benchmark for expert to advanced all-mountain skiers, the new EXPERIENCE 84 HD blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a smooth, powerful freeride feel. The finely-tuned fusion of our patented Carbon Alloy Matrix, Air Tip, and Auto Turn Rocker technologies delivers high-definition precision with effortless versatility across all terrain and snow ... learn more

10. Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti $619.95

Dynastar Speed Zone 12 Ti s
Dimensions: 121/72/106
Ability Level: 8/10
The Basics: The award-winning benchmark for on-trail power, precision, and comfort, the SPEED ZONE 12 Ti merges World Cup caliber precision with smooth, responsive ski control for the most comfortable and fluid carving sensations on snow. The Dynastar race-room developed Powerdrive technology which unlocks the skis' natural flex effectively planting the ski to the snow to unleash quiet acceleration, ... learn more

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