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The 10 Best Men's Powder Skis of 2022

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The best powder skis help you turn that monster storm into the best ski days of your life. These are our top picks for best men's powder skis. Time to get pitted!

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Best Powder Skis: Powder7's Top Picks

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Best Powder Skis: Customer Favorites

1. Atomic Bent Chetler 120 $749.99

Atomic Bent Chetler 120 s
Dimensions: 142/120/133
The basics: If one ski embodies the freeride powder skiing revolution, it may just be the Bent Chetler 120. Pro skier, visionary, and artist Chris Benchetler's baby (well, one of them, that is) comes back for the 2021-2022 season with a fresh topsheet (naturally) but no structural changes. This is one of the surfiest, playful-est, face-spraying-est skis ever made. At 120mm underfoot with a lightweight, ... learn more

2. Black Crows Anima $889.95

Black Crows Anima s
Dimensions: 145/115/135
Weight: 4020 grams
The basics: The Anima, Black Crows big-mountain charging, pow-stash slaying, best-day-making powder ski, is a new animal for the 2020-21 season. The wild Frenchmen from Chamonix have given the ski a few updates to make it better than ever...and thats saying a lot. They lengthened the tails (think less rocker), extended the side lines, enlarged the tips, and refined the Animas flex. The goal? More ... learn more

3. Black Crows Nocta $939.95

Black Crows Nocta s
Dimensions: 140/122/132
The basics: Back for the 2021 season with a fresh topsheet finish. Planning a powder-cation to Japan or British Columbia? Treating yourself to a cat skiing or heli trip? The Nocta should be at the top of your list. At 122mm underfoot with a full rocker profile, this ski is purpose-built to float you down the deepest lines of your life. The Nocta is super surfy and maneuverable in tight places, but it ... learn more

4. Faction Candide 3.0 $799.00

Faction Candide 3.0 s
Dimensions: 140/112/134
The basics: This ski has its own cult following. That’s because Thovex was after the perfect freestyle-inspired one-ski-quiver, and in collaboration with Faction's designers he knocked this one out of the park. Its playful shape allows the 21/22 CT 3.0 to easily butter and wash out for jibbing, and also hold a strong edge when you crank up the dial. For the rider who is always on the lookout for fresh ... learn more

5. Blizzard Rustler 11 $749.95

Blizzard Rustler 11 s
Dimensions: 140/112/130
The basics: When big mountains get big snow, the Rustler 11 is one of the skis of choice for Powder7 staffers. Just ask Justin, our data guy, who took it to Jackson Hole during their record February two seasons ago. He loves the ski for its big-mountain and powder performance, which is wrapped in a surprisingly light package. So when you or “Justin” find yourself at the top of something steep ‘n ... learn more

6. Atomic Backland 117 $799.99

Atomic Backland 117 s
Dimensions: 141/117/130
The basics: If powder touring be the game, lightweight fat skis are the cheat codes. The Atomic Backland 117 is one of the best backcountry skis in the world for earning your face shots. We have always admired how well the Backlands handle the descent. Over the last few seasons, Atomic has managed to maintain that top-of-the-line skiability while also shedding grams. The 2022 version, which features no ... learn more

7. Moment Deathwish $759.95

Moment Deathwish s
Dimensions: 138/112/129
The basics: Ah, the Moment Deathwish. When you are in the ski business, you watch a million skis come and go. They all go downhill, and most of them are great. Because skiing is great. But then some skis transcend. They become iconic, build cultish followings. They help people define their identities as skiers. The Deathwish is one of those skis. Moment took a risk a year ago by updating its wood core ... learn more

8. Icelantic Nomad 115 $799.00

Icelantic Nomad 115 s
Dimensions: 150/115/140
Weight: 4160 grams
The basics: The Nomad 115 turns its nose up at lift lines and groomers. Made for big mountain lines away from the piste and crowds with the playful feel you can expect from the Nomad line-up. Unchanged for 2022, except for a new badass topsheet, this ski hits the sweet spot for skiers who know where to go days after a storm. 115mm underfoot keeps this ski floating on fresh and leftover powder, but can ... learn more

9. Moment Wildcat $759.00

Moment Wildcat s
Dimensions: 141/116/131
The basics: A perennial favorite, the Moment Wildcat drops big-mountain lines like we drop knowledge. Check this out: Wildcats are historically the most badass predators in the animal kingdom. No, we're not talking about mountain lions, which are clearly basic and not to be feared. By wildcats, we mean the ancients. Sabertooth tigers. We mean man-eating beasts that terrorized Indian villages. We mean ... learn more

10. Armada ARV 116 JJ $699.95

Armada ARV 116 JJ s
Dimensions: 139/116/135
The basics: You know the feeling. The snow keeps on falling, the flakes are as big as golf balls, and the snow stake is showing 12, 14, 16 inches...There's no doubt you're setting your alarm early, and getting to the lift in time for first chair. There's also no doubt that you're bringing along your powder sticks, the ones that have served you faithfully in every soft condition you've thrown them into. ... learn more

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