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The 10 Best Women's Carving Skis of 2019

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Sometimes, the perfect day is laying down your edges and shredding up the front side. Here are Powder7's top picks for the all-time best women's carving skis.

1. Head Pure Joy $349.95

Head Pure Joy s
Dimensions: 127/72/107
Ability Level: 4/10
The Basics: The Pure Joy is a stellar example of what lightweight ski construction and a fun loving sidecut can bring to your day on the mountain. LIBRA womens camber, ERA 3.0 and a Graphene infused construction keep weight low and ensure turn initiation is second nature. A narrow 73mm waist is designed to rip corduroy from the East Coast to the West Coast. If front side domination is your game, you ... learn more

2. Head Super Joy $549.95

Head Super Joy s
Dimensions: 125/74/106
Ability Level: 7/10
The Basics: The undisputed speed queen of the JOY lineup, the Super Joy rips groomers at ludicrous speeds while keeping you in complete control. Built with the same groundbreaking and lightweight technology as all of the JOY skis, the Super Joy is frontside oriented and unapologetic about it. It does incorporate Allride rocker to make turn initiation a breeze and it will help if a spring groomer day is ... learn more

3. DPS Uschi F82 Foundation $399.95

DPS Uschi F82 Foundation s
Dimensions: 120/82/104
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 2900 grams
The Basics: A dazzling on-piste performer, the Uschi 82 is purpose built for precision carving and lightning-quick transitions from edge to edge. A svelte 82mm waist and subtle rocker profile get you in and out of turns at the speed of thought, while a lively poplar and bamboo wood core keeps the ski nimble and damp. Powerful when required, playful when desired, the Foundation construction of the Uschi ... learn more

4. Stockli Stormrider Motion 85 $619.95

Stockli Stormrider Motion 85 s
Dimensions: 127/84/109
Ability Level: 7/10
The Basics: A true all-rounder among women's skis. Far from the groomerspistes, it conquers any ascent. With lots of float, it is exhilarating in powder - and performs with typical Stockli characteristics on ... learn more

5. Rossignol Experience 84 AI W $599.95

Rossignol Experience 84 AI W s
Dimensions: 126/84/116
Ability Level: 6/10
The Basics: Always game for an adventure, the Experience 84 Ai W will have your back wherever you are headed on the hill. Featuring Rossignols new LCT Technology, a vertical powerrail from tip to tail to resist counterflex, this ski holds any type of turn shape you would like with ease. Don't let this skis lack of metal in its core fool you, it still likes to fly and with Air Tip and VAS it will be ... learn more

6. Fischer My Curv $449.95

Fischer My Curv s
Dimensions: 121/68/102
Ability Level: 8/10
The Basics: The My Curv Allride ski by Fischer will be your tool to prove the old saying true - girls ski faster than guys. Two sheets of titanal and minimal rocker in the tips ensure that this is one beast of a ski. No frilly colors reassures skeptical onlookers that this ski can charge. At 68mm underfoot this ski is most at home carving and charging on-piste, particularly in the firm, icy ... learn more

7. Line Pandora 84 $399.95

Line Pandora 84 s
Dimensions: 122/84/110
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 2620 grams
The Basics: Hard-charging women skiers have been unleashing Pandora's box on the mountains since Line debuted the series. For 2019, the new 84 makes skiing the frontside of the mountain an absolute blast. In the new design, you get a lightweight ski that stays strong with carbon and aspen in the build. The technology here blends the best of three worlds: the men's Sick Day series, the old Pandora ... learn more

8. Dynastar Intense 12 $499.95

Dynastar Intense 12 s
Dimensions: 121/72/106
Ability Level: 9/10
The Basics: Designed for expert women skiers, the INTENSE 12 merges innovative, women-specific construction with smooth, responsive ski control. Active Air Light Core and Powerdrive technologies work in harmony to unlock the skis' natural flex effectively planting the ski to the snow for silky-smooth stability, dynamic power, and unparalleled edge ... learn more

9. Volkl Flair SC E $549.95

Volkl Flair SC E s
Dimensions: 122/72/105
Ability Level: 9/10
The Basics: Every feature on the FLAIR SC E has been optimized for the ultimate combination of light weight and performance. This lively, easy-handling tip rocker slalom carver, powered by carbon makes the corduroy a true playground for advanced to expert skiers. Tip rocker provides quicker turn initiation, while our signature UVO technology dampens vibrations and allows us to use lighter weight ... learn more

10. Dynastar Intense 10 $419.95

Dynastar Intense 10 s
Dimensions: 120/73/104
Ability Level: 8/10
The Basics: Designed for advanced women skiers, the INTENSE 10 merges award-winning technology with innovative, women-specific construction for comfortable and fluid carving sensations on snow. Active Air Light Core and Powerdrive technologies work in harmony to unlock the skis' natural flex effectively planting the ski to the snow for silky-smooth stability, dynamic energy, and unparalleled edge ... learn more

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