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The 10 Best Ski Bindings of 2023

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In today's ski industry, you have access to the widest variety of ski bindings ever. Of course, they should hold you in as you ski hard and pop you out when they need to. But nowadays, you can add alpine touring capabilities to your mix, giving you the chance to ski anywhere. These are the best ski bindings available right now.

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Powder7's Top Picks: Ski Bindings

1. Marker Griffon 13 ID $269.99

Marker Griffon 13 ID ski bindings
DIN range: 4-13
The basics: Back before the 2021 season, Marker updated the Griffon, and we can't believe we are saying it, but somehow they have made it even better. It still boasts the much loved Triple Pivot Elite toe, with a horizontally oriented spring to maximize power transfer from your boot to the ski. The low profile metal gliding Anti Friction Device only adds 24 mm of stand height to the ski, and the SoleID ... learn more

2. Tyrolia Attack 14 GW $249.00

Tyrolia Attack 14 GW ski bindings
DIN range: 4-14
Weight: 2056 grams
The basics: We won't say Tyrolia Attack ski bindings have become as ubiquitous as smart phones. Nothing is, except maybe breathing. However, we will say they are better. Freshly revamped for the 2021-2022 ski season, the Tyrolia Attack 14 GW never needs a software update. It won't run out of battery and ruin your day. It won't shatter when you abuse it. It won't drain your bank account. And, rather than ... learn more

3. Marker Squire 11 $229.99

Marker Squire 11 ski bindings
DIN range: 3-11
Weight: 1615 grams
The basics: The Marker Squire has been one of the most tried-and-true alpine ski bindings in the world for around a decade now. Svelte and reliable, it's a top pick for many women skiers and lighter-weight guys. The Squire received a couple updates in 2022 that make it even more accessible and user-friendly. Marker's new Hollow Linkage Heel requires 30% less force when you step in versus the previous ... learn more

4. Look Pivot 14 GW $329.95

Look Pivot 14 GW ski bindings
DIN range: 5-14
Weight: 2230 grams
The basics: The award-winning Pivot is the most trusted and reliable alpine binding in skiing. The Pivot 14 GW is an elite level high performance freeride binding with an 5-14 DIN range. This binding accepts both alpine (ISO 5355) soles and GripWalk soles. The redesigned Full Action toe is easy to step into and even more precise than before. The all metal reinforced Pivot toepiece combined with the ... learn more

5. Salomon Warden MNC 11 $199.95

Salomon Warden MNC 11 ski bindings
DIN range: 4-11
Weight: 1995 grams
The basics: The brand new Warden 11 is a lightweight, high performance binding. Ideally for wider skis, the Warden 11 is colorful and easy to use. What could be better? Thanks to the Oversized Platform and U Power Toe, the Warden 11 combines the strength and precision you need on-piste with the smooth, progressive power transfer and control you need when skiing all over the mountain and through any ... learn more

6. Look Pivot 15 GW $399.95

Look Pivot 15 GW ski bindings
DIN range: 6-15
Weight: 2432 grams
The basics: Replacing the Pivot 18, the Pivot 15 GW enters the scene for 2021. With the same burly technology we loved about the Pivot 18, the Pivot 15 GW is now compatible with GripWalk soles and has a DIN range of 6-15, making it a binding that more people can ski. The all-metal reinforced toepiece combined with the classic turntable heel results in fewer instances of pre-releasing, and offers the ... learn more

7. Salomon Shift MNC 13 $599.99

Salomon Shift MNC 13 ski bindings
DIN range: 6-13
Weight: 1780 grams
The basics: The revolutionary Shift MNC 13 returns to continue to provide unmatched versatility in the world of alpine touring (or hybrid) bindings. A first of its kind technology, the Shift was the first non-frame alpine touring binding to meet the safety standards of regular alpine bindings. Climb with tech pins engaged, descend in a full-on alpine binding, complete with elastic travel in both the toe ... learn more

8. Tyrolia Attack 11 GW $199.00

Tyrolia Attack 11 GW ski bindings
DIN range: 3-11
Weight: 1910 grams
The basics: The Tyrolia Attack family of ski bindings are like cheddar cheese here at Powder7. Always there, always good. They pair well with every flavor of wine. Ski, that is. And they consistently manage to perfectly balance budget with quality. Some folks call that “best value.” Anyway, the Tyrolia Attack 11 GW was updated ahead of the 2021-2022 ski season, and the tweaks have only made us love this ... learn more

9. Atomic Warden MNC 11 $199.95

Atomic Warden MNC 11 ski bindings
DIN range: 4-11
Weight: 1995 grams
The basics: The Atomic Warden MNC 11 is a solid option to go with any all-mountain ski. Packing all of the technology of the popular Warden MNC 13 into a lighter, lower DIN package, the Warden 11 MNC has a DIN range of 3.5-11 to accommodate skiers that don't need a 13 DIN binding. It's Multi Norm Certified, which means it works with all types of soles - Alpine, GripWalk, Walk to Ride (WTR), and ISO ... learn more

10. ATK Raider 12 $649.99

ATK Raider 12 ski bindings
DIN range: 5-12
Weight: 652 grams
The basics: Shrouded in mystery for years, and known by many aliases, the ATK Raider 12 binding is now here in its original form: ATK. ATK is the binding company everyone wishes they were, using full metal constructions, and making insanely light high-performing ski bindings. At Powder7 we went directly to the source for the R12, in order to get the best and the purest. The Raider 12 brings in a new era ... learn more

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