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The 10 Best Women's All Mountain Skis of 2019

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The best women's all mountain skis in the world are equally at home on groomers, through bumps, down steeps, and in trees. Tested and approved by the ski experts at Powder7.

When the time arrives to buy new boards, most skiers are searching for one do-it-all ski. All mountain planks that can hold an edge on hardpack, yet surf on deep snow when conditions are prime. But, "all mountain" is a broad term that means different skis for different skiers making it tricky to track down that elusive "One Ski to Rule Them All."

Powder7 has you covered. There's a one-ski quiver out there for just about everyone, and we want to help you find it.

Powder7's Top Picks: Women's All Mountain Skis

1. Black Crows Captis Birdie $449.95

Black Crows Captis Birdie s
Dimensions: 118/90/106
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 2780 grams
The Basics: The Black Crows Captis Birdie is a sweet, playful ride for intermediate-to-expert women who ski the whole mountain. A bit lighter than the men's Captis, and with a bit more flex, the women-specific Captis Birdie has a massive sweet spot that appeals to wide range of skiers--but a stout enough backbone for when it's time to charge hard. At 90mm underfoot, it's very quick edge-to-edge in tight ... learn more

2. Rossignol Sky 7 HD W $519.95

Rossignol Sky 7 HD W s
Dimensions: 128/98/118
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 3050 grams
The Basics: The ultimate fusion of lightweight agility and freeride versatility, the all-new SKY 7 HD W has been 100% redesigned for uncompromising free-touring performance. Whether skiing the resort or backcountry touring, the 98mm waist combined with new Air Tip 2.0 and Carbon Alloy Matrix provides a progressive, lightweight blend of stability, floatation, and edge grip to go wherever the snow takes ... learn more

3. Blizzard Black Pearl 98 $519.95

Blizzard Black Pearl 98 s
Dimensions: 135/98/119
Ability Level: 8/10
The Basics: For 2018 Blizzard replaces the Samba with the Black Pearl 98. With a wider waist, this ski is able to float in powder, bust through crud, and carve like a dream. Blizzards's Carbon Flipcore W.S.D.(women's specific design) is a revolutionary rockered ski production process that incorporates a uni-directional carbon frame onto the core of the ski resulting in a lightweight, easy feel, and high ... learn more

4. Blizzard Black Pearl 88 $499.95

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 s
Dimensions: 126/88/110
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 2850 grams
The Basics: Over the past few seasons, the Black Pearl has emerged as one of the most popular, widely-loved womens skis maybe ever. The 88mm-waisted model is the flagship of the line. It came first before Blizzard added the 78 and 98, and it returns in 2019 unchanged and ready to dominate once again. Expert and intermediate skiers alike love the Black Pearl for its light weight, stability, versatility ... learn more

5. Nordica Santa Ana 93 $599.99

Nordica Santa Ana 93 s
Dimensions: 123/93/111
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 3250 grams
The Basics: The Santa Ana 93 returns for 2019 with only a topsheet update. This ski is an absolute monster on the frontside of the mountain, but don't let the Titanal infused core scare you. This ski has a heart of gold and is comfortable at any speed and in almost all conditions, maybe with the exception of neck deep powder. The blunt nose and CamRock profile gives the ski some float in fresh snow and ... learn more

6. Salomon QST Lux 92 $419.95

Salomon QST Lux 92 s
Dimensions: 129/92/112
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 2900 grams
The Basics: The QST Lux 92 is back with a slightly updated shape and new construction for 2020. The carbon, basalt, and flax are blended together in the new models from tip to tail, and there's an extra layer of flax plus cork tips to optimize dampness at a lower swingweight. All of this combined with thicker sidewalls, new tip shape, and a slightly different rocker profile gives this ski a confidence ... learn more

7. Black Crows Camox Birdie $519.95

Black Crows Camox Birdie s
Dimensions: 122/97/110
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 3140 grams
The Basics: The Camox Birdie joins the incomparable Atris Birdie as the two most popular Black Crows women's skis for Colorado. At 97mm wide, the Camox Birdie is a bit skinnier than the fatter Atris, and is perfectly balanced for rippers who ski the whole mountain, rather than just the soft snow. A generous flex and rocker at both tip and tail combine with a stouter flex underfoot to maximize ... learn more

8. Nordica Santa Ana 100 $599.99

Nordica Santa Ana 100 s
Dimensions: 130/100/118
Ability Level: 7/10
The Basics: The Santa Ana 100 returns for 2019 with the same power and consistency of it's name sake weather phenomenon. Built using a Balsa core sandwiched with 2 layers of Titanal this ski rips firm conditions with authority. A blunt nose and CamRock profile, which offers rocker in the tip and camber underfoot, provide float if the skies open up while you are riding. The tip also has a tighter radius ... learn more

9. Volkl 90Eight W $649.00

Volkl 90Eight W s
Dimensions: 133/98/116
Ability Level: 7/10
Weight: 3010 grams
The Basics: Identical to the men's 90Eight, but in a more flattering color; the 90Eight W is the solution to women who want to rip a lightweight and versatile ski. The 90Eight excels in all conditions, but really feels like a star in the soft snow. 98mm of ski under your feet is enough to float even in the deep conditions, plus it's not so wide that you can't show off on the groomers. The addition of 3D ... learn more

10. Volkl Kenja $519.00

Volkl Kenja s
Dimensions: 127/90/110
Ability Level: 8/10
Weight: 3350 grams
The Basics: Unchanged for 2019, The Kenja returns as an incredible one ski quiver option. With traditional camber underfoot and a rocker tip and tail profile, the Kenja's short turning radius and unbeatable edge hold on ice makes for an enjoyable day skiing on all terrain. A full sheet of titanal gives a high performance feel while the poplar wood makes for a lively ride, on the Kenja you can choose ... learn more

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