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The 10 Best Women's All Mountain Skis of 2020

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The best women's all mountain skis in the world are equally at home on groomers, through bumps, down steeps, and in trees. Tested and approved by the ski experts at Powder7.

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Best Women's All-Mountain Skis: Customer Favorites

1. Blizzard Black Pearl 88 $599.95

Blizzard Black Pearl 88 s
Dimensions: 127/88/111
Ability level: 8/10
The basics: The Black Pearl 88 is back for 2020 with the biggest change it's ever had: totally new topsheets. The rest stays the same for one of the most popular women's skis ever. Blizzard's revolutionary Carbon FlipCore W.S.D. (woman specific design) reduces the skis' weight without sacrificing performance. A layer of uni-directional carbon ensures smooth skiing in all conditions, stability, and ... learn more

2. Black Crows Captis Birdie $569.95

Black Crows Captis Birdie s
Dimensions: 118/90/105
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: Skinnier than the other iconic Black Crows womens all mountain freeride options, the Captis Birdie is best suited for playful frontside skiing. It can cruise blues with the kiddos, shred mogul lines with the ski sisters, and carve sunny groomers with all the other ladies who pulled out the tutus and onesies for closing day. A bit lighter than the men's Captis and with a slightly softer flex, ... learn more

3. Black Crows Camox Birdie $719.95

Black Crows Camox Birdie s
Dimensions: 125/97/114
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: The Camox Birdie slots into the uber-popular Black Crows freeride lineup as a narrower, more all-mountain focused ski than the Atris Birdie. With a redesigned shape, a softer flex, and a more playful feel, the 2020 version stands out in bumps, soft snow, and trees. It's dreamy for skiers who like responsive, fairly forgiving all-mountain skis that can handle mixed snow and inspire serious ... learn more

4. Nordica Santa Ana 93 $649.99

Nordica Santa Ana 93 s
Dimensions: 124/93/112
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: Nordica embraces the old adage that if it isn't broken, then don't fix it. Returning for 2020 unchanged (Except for the cool new topsheet) this ski is an absolute monster on the frontside of the mountain, but don't let the Titanal infused core scare you. This ski still has a heart of gold and is comfortable at any speed and in almost all conditions, maybe with the exception of neck deep ... learn more

5. Rossignol Experience 88 Ti W $499.95

Rossignol Experience 88 Ti W s
Dimensions: 127/88/117
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: For the lady rippers out there, Rossignol presents the new and improved Experience 88 Ti. Featuring LCT Ti, a vertical powerrail from tip to tail that resists counterflex and bolsters the skis dual titanal layered core. The ski also incorporates Air Tip VAS which dampens the vibration passed from the ski to rider, minimizing chatter and keeping your legs fresh longer. All Terrain rocker is ... learn more

6. Blizzard Black Pearl 98 $599.95

Blizzard Black Pearl 98 s
Dimensions: 135/98/119
Ability level: 8/10
The basics: The Black Pearl 98 calls the stupid-popular Black Pearl 88 and raises the bet. All the Black Pearls profile as excellent all-mountain skis, with the 98 being the most powder-savvy. Blizzard's revolutionary Carbon FlipCore W.S.D. (woman specific design) blends a uni-directional carbon frame into the core of the skis. This gives the Black Pearl its signature feel: easy-skiing yet ... learn more

7. Elan Ripstick 94W $549.95

Elan Ripstick 94W s
Dimensions: 135/94/110
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: Perfect for every type of adventure; front side, back side, bumps, steeps and trees, the Ripstick 94W takes progressive skiers anywhere and everywhere they want to go. This women's specific ski, featuring special construction that reduces weight without sacrificing performance, performs well in all types of snow and terrain making it the perfect choice for ladies who want to explore the ... learn more

8. Icelantic Maiden 101 $699.00

Icelantic Maiden 101 s
Dimensions: 136/101/126
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: The Maiden 101 returns for 2019-2020 with, naturally, a topsheet that catches you while you stare. Other than that, this dreamy soft snow ski is identical to last year's version. A lively twin tip with plenty of pop, the Maiden 101 will give you the confidence to float those hips and charge those trees. At 101mm underfoot, the Maiden 101 is quick edge to edge on the groomers, but will still ... learn more

9. Rossignol Sky 7 HD W $599.95

Rossignol Sky 7 HD W s
Dimensions: 127/97/117
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: One of the most fun womens skis in the sport returns unchanged for 2019-20, save for a sleek topsheet redesign. The Sky 7 HD W effortlessly blends nimble and lightweight performance with exceptional powder surf and all-mountain versatility. Whether you are exploring the back bowls, the trees, or the backcountry, the Sky 7 HD W is a perfect option. With the Rossignol Carbon Alloy Matrix, you ... learn more

10. Icelantic Maiden 91 $649.00

Icelantic Maiden 91 s
Dimensions: 126/91/116
Ability level: 7/10
The basics: New in 2019, Icelantic introduced the Maiden 91. This ski is an absolute dream and comes back for 2020 with just a slight graphics change. Using the same design elements from the Men's Nomad series, the Maiden lineup offers exceptional freeride performance in a lightweight package. The new Maiden 91 is a slimmed down version of the ever popular Maiden 101 and is equally at home in the ... learn more

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