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In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Matt

2023-2024 Line Chronic 101 Review

Redesigned All-Mountain Freestyle How Line skis stack up for all-mountain skiing depends on who you ask. Typically, free-minded jibbers and skiers with playful styles answer with a resounding hell yeah! Other skiers sound more meh. For 2023-2024, Line makes some upgrades to the line aimed at improving how its all-mountain and freeride skis handle varied terrain and snow. The new Line Chronic comes in two waist widths: 101mm and 94mm. Line Chronic 101 Review: Field Notes The new Line Chronic comes in two waist widths: 94mm and 101mm. Each version is built with the same ... Continue Reading

2023-2024 Line Skis Preview

Line Skis 2024: The First Look More Bacon. Everybody's got identifiers. The things they're known for. The core traits of their personality. The things that make you...you. For Line Skis, it's freestyle. Making fun skis for fun skiers. So, for 2023-2024, Line focuses their attention on their family of all-mountain freestyle skis by updating the skis under two classic names: Bacon (now shortened from "Sir Francis Bacon") and Chronic. These two names and four ski models comprise the soul of Line's new collection, featuring new art, shapes, and ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2024 Line Chronic 101:

If you view the entire mountain with a freestyle vision, the all-new Line Chronic 101 should be high on your list as a new daily driver. The Chronic has always remained a number-one all-mountain freestyle ski, and the new improvements only build on its rad-ness. New Thin Tip technology includes an extra layer of glass instead of plastic at the tip and tail. Glass bonds better to glue, allowing for a more durable construction that's simultaneously lighter and easier to swing around. Line's new Bio-Resin is more sustainable and cleaner than traditional toxic epoxies. Not to mention a reinforced sidewall, just in case you misjudge where the rock is on the landing (we've all been there). Top it off with a playful flex, versatile shape, and sick graphic, the Line Chronic 101 can be the perfect match for playful skiers across the spectrum. Whether that’s dreaming up a new spin of your favorite feature, skiing fresh snow in the morning with afternoon park laps, or lining up bump line transfers with the buds, the Line Chronic 101 is here for all of it. Similar skis: Armada ARV 100, Faction Prodigy 2.

2024 Line Chronic 101 Specs:

Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 6
Construction:Partial Sidewall
Weight:4000 grams (per pair for size 179cm) Learn more about ski weights


Skis In The Line Chronic Series:

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Chronic 101 (101mm) In Stock

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Chronic 94 (94mm) In Stock