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The 10 Best Women's Big Mountain Skis of 2022

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The best women's big mountain skis, also known as freeride skis, are some of our favorite sticks on Earth. Between 100mm and 112mm underfoot, they give you the best of both worlds. They are narrow enough to slice through bumps and trees, yet also wide enough to surf in powder. If you want one ski to do it all, this is a great category to look at, especially for western skiing. Here are Powder7's Top Picks for best women's big mountain skis.

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Best Womens Big Mountain Skis: Powder7's Top Picks

Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free | Icelantic Nia Pro | Black Crows Atris Birdie | Moment Bella

Best Women's Big Mountain Skis: Customer Favorites

1. Black Crows Atris Birdie $839.95

Black Crows Atris Birdie s
Dimensions: 136/108/123
Weight: 3240 grams
The basics: Like the unisex Atris, the slightly lighter and softer Birdie version has been giving women skiers their best days on snow since it debuted. Year in and year out, it is a favorite among our customers and staff, who love how well these skis float and surf through deep snow while retaining serious versatility. The Atris Birdie inspires confidence in aspiring freeride shredders, yet it is also ... learn more

2. Atomic Backland 107 W $589.99

Atomic Backland 107 W s
Dimensions: 135/108/122
Weight: 2590 grams
The basics: New for the 2021 season, Atomic has release a women's version of their ever popular Backland 107. During the backcountry-ski explosion of the early 21st Century, skiers have projected a number of strongly held opinions about the perfect waist width for touring skis. Some say skinnier skis climb easier, navigate tight lines better, and offer plenty of soft-snow performance. Others advocate ... learn more

3. Volkl Blaze 106 W $599.99

Volkl Blaze 106 W s
Dimensions: 146/106/128
The basics: Back for the 2022 season, the Blaze 106 is the same ski as last year but with an updated graphic. True to form, Volkl builds the women's versions of its Blaze skis with the same construction as the men's. The only differences are the colors and lengths. This confirms something that you, a shredding female, already knew: you don't need dumbed-down skis. If the dudes can ski it, so can ... learn more

4. Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free $749.99

Nordica Santa Ana 104 Free s
Dimensions: 133/104/122
Weight: 3380 grams
The basics: The Santa Ana 104 Free comes back for 2022 with just a slight graphics update, no structural changes. When the snow falls, amplify your day with the Santa Ana 104 Free. Slightly narrower than the Santa Ana 110 Free, it's the perfect daily driver for those who love to freeski off-piste and play on the trail. This new addition to the legendary Santa Ana collection is already renowned for ... learn more

5. Elan Ripstick 102W $649.95

Elan Ripstick 102W s
Dimensions: 143/104/120
The basics: If you primarily ski out west, the Ripstick 102W needs to be on your radar. The wider companion to the 94W, the 102 adds a bit more width for when you know you'll be encountering plenty of soft snow. A wide shovel and wider platform means it will more than cover all but the deepest days out west, while the Amphibio design and lightweight construction means it still remains plenty quick for ... learn more

6. Armada Trace 108 $749.95

Armada Trace 108 s
Dimensions: 133/108/126
The basics: Back for 2021-22 with a new paint job and the same lightweight Caruba core to match the men's Tracer line, the Armada Trace 108 is the powder hunting adventure buddy you've been looking for. The Trace 108 is up for any objective, big or small, and isn't going to hold you back when the miles get long or the snow gets deep. The weight saving Caruba core is paired with Adaptive Mesh technology ... learn more

7. Icelantic Nia Pro $799.00

Icelantic Nia Pro s
Dimensions: 135/105/125
The basics: The Nia Pro comes back for 2022 with just a graphics update, no structural changes changes. Its artwork, which features the fireweed flower that exemplifies wild places for so many adventurers, is some of our favorite to come from Icelantic wizard Travis Parr. And its build, which was led by the members of the Icelantic womens pro team, makes it unique. At 105mm underfoot, the Nia Pro storms ... learn more

8. K2 Mindbender 106C Alliance $599.95

K2 Mindbender 106C Alliance s
Dimensions: 139/106/124
The basics: The Mindbender 106C Alliance packs our favorite traits in wide all-mountain powder skis into one tasty looking model. Ample tip taper and rocker, along with a light and energetic Aspen Veneer core, make the skis ultra fun and maneuverable for freeride skiing and powder hunting. Carbon Spectral Braid packs variable-angle carbon fiber into the skis, allowing for a versatile flex pattern that ... learn more

9. Armada ARW 106 UL $699.95

Armada ARW 106 UL s
Dimensions: 133/106/123
The basics: Let’s face it, most of us want it all. We want a 6 figure job that only requires part time work. We want to eat pizza and ice cream every day without gaining a pound. And we want a ski that rips in the resort and the backcountry. While those first two things might take some time to achieve, the third one can happen right now with the all new ARW 106 UL. Built with Armada’s lightweight ... learn more

10. Liberty Genesis 106 $649.99

Liberty Genesis 106 s
Dimensions: 138/106/127
The basics: The Genesis 106 heads into the 2021-2022 year with new poured polyurethane sidewalls and Liberty's new VMT1.0W core. If you know what powder panic feels like, but aren't one of the lucky or committed few that rolls out of bed and onto skis, the Genesis 106 is the ski you want to grab when you're waking up at 5AM to beat the traffic. A lightweight construction with substantial rocker in the ... learn more

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