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Ski Bindings Shopping Guide - The Basics:

Here's our in depth guide: How to Choose the Right Binding for Your New Skis |

There are two basic important factors to finding a ski binding model with a good DIN for your weight and ability level.

The DIN is the range that the ski binding springs can be adjusted and it is essentially how stiff the springs are in the binding. The greater the DIN the stiffer the spring. As a rule of thumb, most men have bindings with a 10-13 maximum DIN and most women have bindings with a 9-12 maximum DIN. We have a DIN chart here if you're unsure: ski binding DIN chart.

Generally, since higher DIN bindings take more force to release, they also take more force to get into. Also keep in mind that higher DIN bindings are not better per se if your weight and ability level don't necessitate it. The other factor when choosing a binding is the brake width. Brakes are made to be bent out so you can get one up to 5mm narrow than your skis. You can also get them up to 20mm wider than your skis. Ideally, the brakes are 10mm wider than your skis. That way they fit nicely out of the box.

If you want more in depth information then read through our in depth ski binding buying guide.