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The Ski Bindings Weight Project

Lightweight skis, heavy skis, welterweight skis - skiers have their own preferences when it comes to ski weight. In 2016, we unveiled our Ski Weight Project, making it our mission to provide customers with in-depth weight data to help them choose the right skis. Of course, we also enjoy geeking out over this stuff. So, each year we weigh skis by hand here at Powder7 World Headquarters in Golden, Colorado and share the data with the skiing universe.

In general, skis are getting lighter, with companies incorporating light-but-strong materials like carbon in lieu of metal. Lighter-weight resort skis tend to keep most people skiing better and longer. Crazy-light backcountry skis make alpine touring more accessible, more fun, and more popular. Meanwhile, skis with more mass tend to please hard-charging experts who don't mind a little extra weight in the name of more powerful performance.

Dig into the details of our ski weight methodology here. If you have any questions about the skis on the charts or want to chat with a ski expert, give us a call: 303-237-7547.

Ski Bindings Ordered By Weight

Ski Bindings Ordered By Brand and Model