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Read our preview of 2021 DPS skis.

DPS dreams up new ski shapes in 2020.

DPS brings back their three top-of-the-line constructions: the premium Alchemists, the lightweight Tour1s, and the high-performance Foundations. The Tour1s will be back unchanged in 2020, but DPS will change the shapes on many of their Alchemist and Foundations skis. Now, Alchemist and Foundation skis will be designated as either “RP”or “C2.” The RP skis are defined by a tight 15m sidecut and elongated tip rocker, whereas C2 skis have a longer effective edge for bigger lines. Check out the big new models for  2020 DPS Skis.

2020 DPS Skis

2020 DPS Skis Preview: Alchemist Line

  • DPS introduces the Wailer A112 RP, which boasts the 15m turn radius characteristic of all RP skis. The Wailer A100 RP replaces the classic Wailer A99 from 2019.
  • Meanwhile, in the women’s line, DPS will offer an Yvette A112 RP and Yvette A100 RP to replace the Nina 99.
  • In addition to the tight-radius RP skis, the DPS brings C2 shaping to the Wailer Series. The new Wailer A110 C2 and Wailer A106 C2 will have a longer effective edge for bigger lines. For women, this tech appears in the Zelda A106 C2.
  • Narrower Alchemist skis return unchanged in 2020, including the Cassiar A94 C2, A87 C2, A82 C2, A79 C2.
  • For women, Uschi A94 C2, A87 C2, A82 C2.
  • After being revamped in 2019, the famed Lotus A124 2.0 is back unchanged in 2020.

2020 DPS Skis Preview: Foundation Line

  • We’re stoked for DPS to release the Koala F119, a brand new design built for butters and big air as much as powder chasing.
  • DPS makes the same shape changes throughout the Foundation Line. For 2020, they’re breaking out a Wailer F112 RP and Wailer F100 RP, as well as an Yvette F112 RP and Yvette F100 RP.
  • For those who like a longer effective edge, DPS will offer a Wailer F106 C2 and Zelda F106 C2.
  • Narrower Foundations return unchanged, including the Cassiar F94 C2, F87 C2, F82 C2
  • For women, the Uschi F94 C2, F87 C2, and F82 C2 are back.