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Elan Skis, Back in Black.

2020 is coming in hot with Elan’s new lineup. Over the past few seasons, the Ripsticks have been a wild success, and Elan harnesses that momentum in 2020 with some big advances. We’re most excited for Elan’s carbon-driven Black Edition skis and their brand new Wingman Series. Check out what’s in store for 2020 Elan Skis.

2020 Elan Skis
Hot new release: all-mountain-crushing Wingman Series.

2020 Elan Skis Highlights

  • Elan’s new Wingman series will take off in 2020. The Wingmans provide a hot new take on the tried-and-true Ripsticks. The Wingmans have the power, rebound, and spirit of the Ripsticks in a narrower package. Plus, they have Elan’s asymmetrical Amphibio shape, which gives the skis a long effective inside edge for carving, and a rockered outside edge to enable tighter turns. What’s not to love?
  • The Wingmans come in multiple shapes and constructions. Each has some variation on Elan’s Carbon Tubes or their Mono Ti technology, as denoted in the title.  Offered in three different waist widths, there’s the Wingman 86 CTI and 86 TI, the Wingman 82 CTI and 82 TI, and the Wingman 78Ti and 78C.
  • Meanwhile, Elan expands their Black Edition skis to include Amphibios and Insomnias. The reckless Ripstick 96 Black Edition is now accompanied by the Ripstick 106 Black Edition. Black edition skis feature high-precision carbon construction, plus a sleek black topsheet.

2020 Elan Skis: Ripsticks are Back

2020 Elan Skis
The all-new Ripstick 88, plus graphic updates on Elan’s wider sticks.
2020 Elan Skis
Fresh topsheets on the Ripsticks, and a brand new Ripstick 88 W.