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2020 K2: pushing lines, bending minds.

K2 brings a hot take to their freeride design with their new, built-to-shred Mindbender series.  For four seasons, the Pinnacle line was the essence — the lifeblood — of K2. But in 2020, the Pinnacle reign will come to a halt. The Mindbender is here. The hype is real. The stoke is high. Check out what’s in store for 2020 K2 skis.

2020 K2 Skis
The Mindbender and Mindbender Alliance will redefine 2020 K2 Skis.

2020 K2 Skis: Mindbenders

  • The Mindbenders come in Titanal and Carbon constructions:
  • If you like burlier boards, then the Titanal Y-Beam construction is your bud. The name speaks for itself: titanal runs through the skis in a Y shape. It’s a clever take on the frame trend pervading the ski industry. The tips of the skis are crud-busting and torsionally rigid. Underfoot, the titanal platform is stable and powerful. Then titanal tapers at the tails, making the skis more maneuverable — and dare I say shmear-y?
  • Mens’s models with the Titanal Y-frame include the Mindbender 108 Ti, Mindbender 99Ti, and Mindbender 90 Ti. (Insider tip: Aside from the “Ti” designation in the name, you’ll know it’s a Y-frame thanks to a red stripe near the tails.)
  • For women, K2 will offer a Mindbender 98Ti Alliance and a Mindbender 88Ti Alliance.

K2 2020 Skis

  • The second Mindbender construction is the Carbon Spectral Braid. Smooth and torsionally rigid, the carbon braid makes maneuverable, intuitive skis.
  • Men’s models include the Mindbender 116C and Mindbender 90C. 
  • For women, K2 makes a Mindbender 106C Alliance and Mindbender 90C Alliance, which are sure to be popular.
  • Powder-chasing women are stoked on the women’s-specific powder ski, the Mindbender 115C Alliance (offered in lengths all the way up to 179!!)

2020 K2 Skis: Brand Highlights

  • The new women’s Anthem Series replaces the Luv Series. LuvMachines, LuvBoats, OoLaLuvs –alluv’em are toast. But between the Anthem 72Ti HS and Anthem 82 we’re excited for what K2 has in store for piste-tamers.
  • The men’s Waybacks and women’s Talkbacks series return to the backcountry.
  • Perhaps the most breath-taking update K2 makes in 2020: the Pon2oons get a graphic update for the first time in… a decade? Not to worry–no structural changes to that famous McKonkey Design.
  • To match the skis, K2 is releasing a Mindbender boot line. Highlights include the Mindbender 130, Mindbender 120, and Mindbender Alliance 110.

2020 K2 Skis