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K2 Skis 2023 Preview

K2 Skis 2023: The First Look

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Dispatched to the Field

k2 skis 2023 dispatch
K2 wants to be North America’s premier freeride brand. The brand-new Dispatch collection shows they’re serious. We first tested them at Vail.

Before you hop on a pair of 2022-2023 K2 skis, it’s pretty easy to see that the brand is investing heavily in freeride. Specific updates and new models across the collection aim to build a ski for every type of all-mountain and freeride skier. Oh, and the new gear is some of the best looking on the market. Because who needs more black and red ski boots?

The headliner? Dispatch. It’s a family of lightweight freeride touring skis and boots designed to help advanced to expert skiers maximize their human-powered adventures.

Built with 14 ingredients, the new Dispatch 101, 110, and 120 skis feature one of the wildest constructions in the industry. These skis contain a “hex beam” of shaped titanal (for power and stability) over a second sheet of metal directly above the base material (for durability). Vibration-absorbing material (“Vibradeck”) underfoot improves the suspension of the tech bindings that skiers will mount on their Dispatches. Burly sidewalls, carbon, zero fiberglass, light weights, and a “steadfast” base material (which K2 claims holds wax 90% longer than traditional material) also highlight the new build.

Did we say lightweight? The Dispatches weigh-in at numbers that are surprising for skis with two sheets of metal. The range covers 1650 grams/ski to 1800 grams/ski.

Oh, and then the metal Mindbenders also get exciting updates. Here’s the scoop:

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What’s New

New Dispatch collection. Waist widths are 101, 110, and 120. Two sheets of metal, touring weight, paulownia wood core, Vibradeck underfoot. Weights fall in the range of 3300 grams/per pair to 3600 grams/pair, depending on waist width and size.

Updated construction in the men’s Mindbender Ti models, which gives the skis a larger sweet spot and more stability. New aspen core (taken from the women’s line), 15% more metal (which extends over the contact points), 100 grams heavier. The updates are intended to make the skis more capable everywhere on the mountain and in all snow types.

Mindbender 108 Ti: updated construction (above), plus more tail rocker.

Mindbender 99 Ti: updated construction (above), plus more tail rocker, less sidecut, and a longer radius. Easier smear-ability and more versatility.

Mindbender 90 Ti becomes the Mindbender 89 Ti: updated construction (above), plus slightly more rocker.

Women’s Mindbender Ti models also receive the new metal construction. They weigh in 40 grams heavier than previous models and match the men’s construction in longer sizes. At sizes 167cm and shorter, they get a metal flex plate that proportionally optimizes performance for shorter skiers. Models: Mindbender 99 Ti W and Mindbender 89 Ti W.

Dispatch touring boot collection.

k2 skis 2023 mindbender
The men’s Mindbender skis with metal get updated construction to keep up with the women’s line for 2022-2023. Left to right: Mindbender 116C, 108 Ti, 99 Ti, 89 Ti, 90 C, 85.

Other Highlights

The Reckoner skis also get fresh topsheets but no structural changes.

The carbon versions of Mindbender skis get new graphics but no structural changes.

New colors and a couple new flexes across the Mindbender and Recon boot families.

The Flex and Flex W collection of boots is the new version of Full Tilt. The models retain the appeal of previous Full Tilt models but add more versatility.

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The new collection of Dispatch boots headlines a big year for K2.
k2 skis 2023 reckoner
The 2022-23 Reckoners get new graphics.

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