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DPS Skis 2021 Preview

DPS Skis 2021: The First Look

Aerospace Skis.

dps skis 2021
DPS’ new touring skis, the Pagoda Tour line (center), are built with aerospace-grade foam. Wowza.

You may have heard or read us calling the ski-makers at DPS “mad scientists.” Well, the 2021 lineup of DPS skis confirms two things. One, we stand by that assessment. And two, we mean it in the most endearing way possible.

The DPS claim to fame goes like this: “We make the world’s most advanced skis.” (Side note: they’re also famous because the skis rip). Because they push the boundaries of the ski-construction universe, DPS collections can feel like a hard-to-grasp science project. That’s where we come in!

First, the new-new. For 2021, DPS unveils a fresh ski construction (well, really two) that translate into a new line of all-mountain skis and a new line of touring skis: Pagoda. From the brand that introduced the world’s first carbon fiber sandwich ski 15 years ago, Pagoda is a new take on carbon ski construction. The gist? It solves the biggest problem with carbon, well-known in skiing for its blend of light weight and power—damping. Skis loaded with carbon tend to be energetic and strong. But when they encounter hard snow, they can get kicked around. With Pagoda, DPS aims to retain all the good stuff about carbon in skis that stay smooth and reliable in whatever conditions they encounter.

Pagoda Piste and Pagoda Tour

Pagoda Piste blends two layers of pure pre-preg carbon laminate with aspen and ash wood. The dual hardwoods act to dampen the powerful carbon, making a new line of all-mountain skis that perform smoothly and reliably even when you’re pushing speed limits on hard groomers. Offered in unisex lengths, the collection simultaneously replaces the Uschi and Cassiar lines of years past.

dps skis 2021
The Pagoda Piste construction is designed to be the best carbon ski construction yet.

On the touring side, DPS replaces their Tour1 construction with Pagoda Tour. All the pieces in this line mirror the Pagoda Piste builds, but they swap-out aspen (harder/heavier) for paulownia wood (lighter) and incorporate…wait for it…aerospace-grade foam. While the Tour1 skis were best-in-class for their dainty weights and powder performance, some skiers found them a little wiggly on hard snow. Pagoda Tour skis are designed to remain light, skinnable, and fun, while building on their predecessors’ performance in mixed snow conditions.

With the addition of Pagoda, here’s your overview of the world of DPS skis:

-Three constructions for resort-oriented skis (Pagoda Piste, Alchemist, Foundation), offered in RP (more rocker, more playful, shorter turn radius) and C2 (more directional, more aggressive) versions. Models organized by waist widths.

-One construction for dedicated alpine touring skis: Pagoda Tour, also offered in RP and C2 shapes at different waist widths.

Whew. Now let’s get these things on snow!

dps skis 2021
DPS unveils a brand-new frontside/all-mountain ski line for 2021: Pagoda Piste.


Pagoda Piste 94 C2Justin says, “They’re smooth and stable, and it’s easy to make a bunch of turn shapes. High speed limit.” Matty says: “They’re just about exactly what I think of when I think ‘all-mountain ski.’ Strong, fast, maneuverable, versatile.”

Pagoda Piste 90 RPJustin also skied these at the Outdoor Retailer on-snow demo. “These don’t have the same speed limit as the 94, but they are easier to ski. They excel at making a lot of turns at a variety of speeds.”

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What’s New

New all-mountain skis: Pagoda Piste line replaces the Cassiars and Uschis with unisex lengths and waist widths at 100mm, 94mm, 90mm, and 87mm. The 90mm version is built on the tight-turning, playful RP chassis, while the other three Pagoda Piste skis are built with the more directional C2 chassis.

Pagoda Tour skis replace the Tour1 backcountry line. The models: 112 RP, 106 C2, 100 RP, 94 C2, and 87 C2. The heaviest ski in the entire collection is the Pagoda Piste 112 RP, which weighs in at just 3120g for the pair. These skis also come in unisex lengths.

dps skis 2021
The DPS collection of men’s and women’s Foundation (pictured) and Alchemist skis come back unchanged for 2021.

Other Highlights

Alchemist skis come back unchanged for both women and men: Lotus 124 2.0, Yvette/Wailer A112 RP, Wailer 110 C2, Zelda/Wailer 106 C2, Yvette/Wailer 100 RP.

Foundation skis also return unchanged for women and men: Koala F119, Yvette/Wailer 112 RP, Zelda/Wailer 106 C2, Yvette/Wailer 100 RP.

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