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Stockli Laser AX Reviews:

  Outstanding carving ski!

The Stockli Laser AX is amazingly quick edge to edge. You can lay it over at speed with complete confidence. The rebound on fast carved turns is exhilarating! .At the same time, you can relax and just enjoy the ride if you prefer.

Height: 6' 0'' Weight: 200 Age: 66

Terrain: Resort in bounds.

David on Mar. 10th 2021

  great carvers..

Easy carvers . Great for my 70 old knees!

Height: 5' 10''

Terrain: groomers

sylvie on Mar. 10th 2021

  Favorite Ski

This ski has exceeded my expectations. Laser sharp and precise. Fun go fast ski.

Height: 6' 1'' Weight: 180 Age: 51

Terrain: Groomers Steeps and some chop

Daniel on Mar. 10th 2021

  Excellent carver

I have read and heard about Stocki skis for years. People have said that they are well worth the money. I've skied for close to 60 years and agree with the reviews and what people have told me; these are the best skis I have ever had. Well done!

Height: 5' 6'' Weight: 160 Age: 63

Terrain: Mostly groomers

Jeff H. (Lakewood, CO) on Mar. 10th 2021

  Perfect Skis

If a quick edge to edge ski is what you like then this is the ski for you. Bumps, Groomers and a pit of powder are easily navigated with the Laser AX. I really love this ski and will probably stick with it for years to come. They call it a Quiver Killer and you will see why.

Height: 5' 7'' Weight: 160 Age: 58

Terrain: Bumps Trees and Groomers

Robbie Ray on Mar. 11th 2021

In Depth Staff Reviews:

2022 Stockli Laser AR Review

Note: the 2021-2022 Stockli Laser AR features new art, but it is the same ski structurally as the previous versions (2019-2020, 2020-2021). This review was originally published in April 2019. See the checkered flag at the bottom of the mountain? The Stockli Laser AR will beat you to it. During the 2018-2019 season, the Swiss-made Laser AX was one of the most popular skis among Powder7 customers. Staffers loved ripping on it too. For 2020, they introduced another speed demon on our radar: the Stockli Laser AR. Shop our full collection of Stockli skis  Field Notes Once we got our ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2022 Stockli Laser AX:

The Stockli Laser AX is a difficult ski to describe, even for professional ski nerds. To call it a race ski ignores the fact that you can ski it without superhuman (read: Ted Ligety) ability. The Swiss wizards at Stockli engineered enough skier-friendly technology into the AX to make it more maneuverable and more intuitive at all speeds than you may think. But to call it an intermediate or everyman (or everywoman) ski sells short its love for Maching smooth groomers and ripping trenches down imaginary slalom courses. And that conundrum does not include the discrepancy between European characterizations of gear (skinny skis for life!) and our western-USA affinity for extra girth. Do we call it an all-mountain ski or a carving ski or a recreational race ski? Whew...this is hard work. How about this: We will just tell you what we do know. The Laser AX has been one of the most popular skis among Powder7 customers for two years now. When our staffers need a ski for a groomer day at any of the mountains up I-70, they reach for the AX. And the two types of skiers best suited for these skis are those who want to beat everyone around them to the bottom and those who regard a technically savvy, perfectly carved turn as pure art. With that in mind, we will settle on calling the Laser AX a ski for people who love skiing. Similar skis: Head Supershape e-Titan, Stockli Laser AR.

2022 Stockli Laser AX Specs:

Rocker:All Mountain Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3780 grams (per pair for size 182cm) Learn more about ski weights


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