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Volkl Blaze 106 Skis Now On Sale

In Depth Staff Reviews:

Four Dreamy Alpine Touring Setups for 2022

Get Up to Get Down. Why slog uphill in the alpine wind to get one run when you could sit on a chairlift and get 15?  Whether you're just getting into alpine touring or you end up in places like this, you need the right gear. | PHOTO: Powder7 ambassador Alton Richardson Let's be honest. No core skier is all that sane. To many of us, earning our turns can be even more rewarding than skiing the resort. It's that quality/quantity conundrum. And while we agree we should probably spend our money on other things (or save it!), we can't stop dreaming about ideal alpine touring ... Continue Reading

2022 Volkl Blaze 106 Review

Reviewers: Jonathan, Matt, Jordan Meet Volkl's newest take on lightweight freeride skis: the Blaze. Note: the 2021-2022 Volkl Blaze 106, 94, and corresponding women's models feature new art, but they are the same skis structurally as the previous versions (2020-2021). This review was originally published in November 2020. The category of lightweight freeride skis has exploded over the past few seasons. With more and more skiers preferring versatility to bulk, brands have tinkered with their constructions in pursuit of the perfect blend of materials for lightweight yet strong skiing. The ... Continue Reading

Volkl Skis 2022 Preview

Volkl Skis 2022: The First Look "My Skis are Tailored." There's no stopping the Volkl Mantra. Already one of the most legendary product names in ski history, the Mantra flips the page to yet another chapter for the 2021-2022 season. The M5, which made waves over its three seasons atop the extensive pile of men's all-mountain skis, now becomes the M6.  Likewise, the women's version evolves into the Secret 96.  So what's the deal with the two newest models? Well, this isn't an overhaul. The M6 and the Secret 96 feature some refinement, but they still stick close to their original ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2022 Volkl Blaze 106:

The Blaze 106 is back for the 2022 season with nothing but a graphic change. With the rise of lightweight and strong materials and new shapes, skiers have been demanding more from their skis in the last few years. Case in point: one of the most popular new types of product in the industry is the lightweight freeride ski. Why are so many people smitten? Well for one, lighter skis save your legs. Take a Blaze on vacation rather than a pair of hunking metal boards, and skiing every day for a week will be not only possible but not enough time. Added bonus: if you have to park in Timbuktu, shouldering featherweights is an easier pill to swallow. But the major appeal of these skis is their versatility. With the right pair of bindings, like a Marker Duke PT or Salomon Shift, you can use them for all-mountain resort skiing and also alpine touring in the backcountry. The Blaze is one of the best-skiing lightweight freeride skis we have ever tested, meaning it should be at the top of every aspiring tourer's list. It carves shockingly well on groomers, holding up to faster speeds than we thought it would (unless you're a bigger human who ski raced in college). Quick and snappy in the trees, its lightweight tapered tips and freeride rocker mean the Blaze helps you reap the rewards of your uphill efforts. Indeed, even avid backcountry skiers should take a long hard look. Paired with a tech binding the Blaze makes an ultra-fun everyday touring ski that's lighat enough on the up and way better than average on the down. A rare ski that can genuinely perform anywhere, from resort to remote, the Blaze is a standout. Similar skis: Line Vision 108, Armada Tracer 108.

2022 Volkl Blaze 106 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3510 grams (per pair for size 179cm) Learn more about ski weights

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