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Moment Deathwish Tour Skis Now On Sale

In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Matt McDonald

The Best Backcountry Ski Gear of 2019

It sounds crazy. Hiking uphill for a few hours to take one run that lasts all of 10 minutes. "Forget that," bystanders say. "I'll stick to the chairlift." We understand the sentiment. But many of us here at Powder7 subscribe to this crazy-talk—and the backcountry skiing lifestyle. Why? There's just something addictive about earning your turns. The peaceful aesthetic of a freshly painted skintrack. The sense of adventure. The full-body tired and satisfaction as you sip a post-tour IPA. There's a lot to like, without even talking about untracked powder. Ready to ski uphill? Time for some gear talk: And the best backcountry skis of 2019 are... Pow7's Top Picks Black Crows Camox Freebird. Why we love it: The 2019 Camox Freebird is stiffer and lighter than previous models, and ... Continue Reading

2020 Moment Deathwish Tour Description:

Moment used to make Deathwish lovers think. Would they get the narrower version of the Deathwish, the old Deathwish Tour, as their touring ski, or would they look for something else? No more. Thinking is overrated. The all-new Deathwish Tour measures the same dimensions as its namesake ski at 112mm underfoot. This puts the new skis right on the line between touring ski and powder touring ski. And in today's skiing world, that's a great place to be. Just like the mothership Deathwish, you get Triple Camber technology to optimize edge hold. But with a big weight savings, the Deathwish Tour is different enough to help you justify getting two Moment skis this year. We won't judge.

2020 Moment Deathwish Tour Specs:

Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall