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Staff Reviews:

2014 Line Sick Day 95 On Snow Review
By: Zack

“You should totally call in sick tomorrow so we can go shred some fresh…”  You know you have been convinced, on at least one occasion, to blow off work and go ski or ride.  You probably have even been the one doing the convincing, I know I have.  This on-going conversation between friends during ski… Read More »
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2015 Line Sick Day 95 Review:

Floats like a pow ski, rips like a carving ski. For those looking for extra performance for fun in the powder without ever losing grip on the hardpack. The Development Team for the Sick Day series are Eric Pollard, Andrew Whiteford, Colter Hinchliffe, and Max Hammer. Skiing Magazine Ski of the Year 2013-14.

Ski Technology
Capwall Construction
Early Rise
Early Taper
Maple Macroblock Core
Directional Flex
5Cut (5 different sizes of sidecut radii blended into 1)

2015 Line Sick Day 95 Specs:

Skill Level:1 = Beginner 10 = Expert
Level 8
Construction:Full Sidewall
Tail Type:Semi Twin Tip


Line Size Chart:

Line Size Chart

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