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Read our preview of 2021 Fischer skis.

All About the Ranger

Fischer’s Ranger collection was so strong on the men’s side that Fischer brought the name to their women’s all-mountain-wide skis. Then the name hit boots. For 2020 Fischer skis, you’ll see updates to the Rangers in each category. The ski lineup gets a new Ranger 94 FR, and the Ti versions are updated and offered in 92, 99, and 107 sizes. Meanwhile, the freeride-worthy Ranger Free boot will be accompanied next season by a wider Ranger One. It’s more Rangers for more skiers.

2020 fischer skis
The Fischer Ranger lineup for 2020 looks sleek, with new models and new sizes.


2020 fischer skis
The new Fischer Ranger 94 FR enters the lineup as a narrower version of the 102 FR, a versatile freeride ski.

The Highlights

  • Fischer Ranger 92 Ti, 99 Ti, and 107 Ti: New dimensions with more taper and mellower rocker than previous versions. The “Ti” label notes the presence of metal, which runs next to a carbon overlay. These skis will be smooth rippers.
  • All-new Ranger 94 FR. The freeride side of the family gets a narrower, all-mountain addition.
  • Revamped Ranger 115 FR. The widest freeride ski gets an overhaul. It’s mellowed out for 2020 to match the narrower models.
  • New Ranger One boot, a freeride model with touring capability and a wider 101mm last than the Ranger Free.
  • RC One series replaces the Pro MTN lineup for all-mountain carving skis, featuring Innegra for dampening.
2020 fischer skis
Freeride skiers with wider feet will love seeing the new Fischer Ranger One boot.