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Black Crows Skis 2021 Preview

Black Crows Skis 2021: The First Look

Can’t stop the color pop.

black crows skis 2021
Left to right: Nocta, Anima, Corvus, Atris, Justis, Camox, Captis, Orb, Vertis, Divus, Solis, Arto, Anima Birdie, Atris Birdie, Camox Birdie, Captis Birdie, Orb Birdie, Vertis Birdie

The 2021 Black Crows collection blends some of the greatest traits of its predecessors over the last few years. The line-centric artwork from 2020 returns, doused in color splashes reminiscent of Black Crows models from a few years ago. It’s a nice look for a brand synonymous with the effervescent French ski culture of Chamonix.

As for the skis themselves, the big news is a brand-new 100mm-waisted do-everything ski: the Justis. It’s a tasty-looking ski that takes aim at the uber-popular category of all-mountain skis with waist widths around the century mark.

Here’s the full rundown of Black Crows Skis 2021:

black crows skis 2021
The powder- and big-mountain-loving Anima gets updated for 2021.

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What’s New

The all-new Justis (100mm) replaces the Daemon and the Navis, taking inspiration from both. H-shaped 3D titanal plus tip rocker and early rise tails with camber underfoot, similar to the Orb. Weighs in at 4300g/pair in size 183cm. Sizes: 171, 177, 183, 189.

Redesigned Anima: lengthened tail (less rocker), larger tips, longer side lines, refined flex. Goal: improved performance in hard/mixed snow, better balanced ski, smoother flex.

The Corvus Freebird features a less pronounced rocker, more tail taper, and an elongated sidecut plus a titanal mounting plate underfoot. Ideally the skis will be more precision, more aggressive, and more stable.

The Orb Freebird receives a titanal plate underfoot to retain hybrid touring bindings (like the Shift). The rocker is also refined to optimize edge hold.

New Anima BirdieSame construction as the men’s Anima, offered in 176cm and 182cm sizes.

New junior versions of the Atris, Camox, and Camox Birdie.

Fresh topsheets across the board, except for the Freebird skis.

black crows skis 2021
The all-new Justis (fifth from left) looks like an all-mountain ripper and potential fan favorite.

Other Highlights

Powder7 staff and customer favorites in the Freeride Range, the Atris and Atris Birdie, return with new artwork but the same construction.

The Resort line features the Orb (88mm+H-shaped double titanal), Vertis (85mm), Divus (82mm), and Arto (68mm).

The Ferox Freebird, the widest touring ski in the line, returns unchanged, along with the incredibly popular Navis Freebird and Camox Freebird.

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black crows skis 2021
The Corvus Freebird (middle) and the Orb Freebird are the touring skis in the Black Crows line that change for 2021.

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