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Blizzard Skis 2021 Preview

Blizzard Skis 2021: The First Look

Rethinking the wood core

blizzard skis 2021 bonafie brahma black pearl
Blizzard’s all-mountain freeride line features some longtime favorites, like the Bonafide, Brahma, and Black Pearl.

Considering how well Blizzard’s flagship skis—Bonafide, Brahma, Black Pearl—have performed in ski tests and sales, you really don’t want to mess them up. So Blizzard tinkered carefully with a refresh and re-imagined one of the most fundamental parts of ski construction: the wood core.

Enter TrueBlend. It places hard wood (beech) where you need power and stability and softer/lighter poplar in the skis’ extremities to give skis a more even and more balanced flex. For 2021, Blizzard incorporates TrueBlend into the Bonafide 97, Brahma 88, Black Pearl 97, and Black Pearl 88. In other words, their most notable all-mountain skis. The aim: to make the skis easier to engage earlier in your turn without losing aggressive carving performance. Blizzard hopes the update expands these skis to even more skiers while keeping experts as happy as they’ve always been.

In other news, we’ve got a newly redesigned Cochise 106 and a wild-looking Spur. Here’s the rundown:

blizzard skis 2021 black pearl
The famed Black Pearl gets a couple tweaks this year.

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What’s New

TrueBlend technology added to Bonafide 97Brahma 88Black Pearl 97, Black Pearl 88.

Mounting plate in Black Pearl extended for more dampening and a smoother ride at all speeds and turn styles. Plus, new sizes in the Black Pearl.

Redesigned Cochise 106 with new shape, new profile, and new core. Lighter and more accessible, still built with two sheets of metal.

Re-done Spur. Built to match the heli-ski, powder-surfing needs of Canadian Mountain Holidays and offered down to size 159cm.

New graphics for Rustler and Sheeva skis, but no other changes.

blizzard skis 2021
You’ll have a hard time losing the Blizzard Spur.

Other Highlights

New art for “women’s” Zero G 95 touring ski.

New graphics for the Firebird.

blizzard skis 2021 zero g
The Zero G 95 now comes in two colorways.

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