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Fischer Skis 2023 Preview

Fischer Skis 2023: The First Look

Year of the Ranger.

The new 2023 Fischer Rangers offer up a ski for everyone. PHOTO: Keri Bascetta

These days in the ski industry, brands like to update their skis in small increments. Tweaked contact points here, slight rocker change there. Bam, New Graphic Technology! Big overhauls? Not as common. So when we hear about a brand stepping out onto a ledge and completely redesigning a ski collection, it’s cause for excitement.

That’s what Fischer does to their family of Ranger skis ahead of the 2022-2023 season. While the Rangers have previously been divided into to lines, FR (freeride) and Ti (more directional), they will now all simply be called “Ranger.” Rather than maintain multiple series of skis built for different purposes, Fischer opted to double-down on a single collection and tailor each model within it to specific styles of skiing.

The new Rangers between with the on-piste-oriented 90 and ramp up from all-mountain/frontside applications to big-mountain and freeride to straight-up powder. The Ranger 90, Ranger 96, and Ranger 102 are each being offered in multiple colors. The Ranger 108 and Ranger 116, meanwhile, aim to please powder chasers and freeriders.

The overall gist? The narrower Rangers are optimized for precise skiers with more metal and more directional profiles. The wider Rangers feature less metal, more progressive flexes, and rocker profiles tuned for more playful skiing.

Here’s the deal:

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What’s New

Ranger 90: most metal in the collection, only poplar wood in the core, offered in two colors.

Ranger 96: more all-mountain versatility than the 90, and less metal, but still rips the frontside (groomers and bumps) with power and energy. Two colors.

Ranger 102: less metal than the 90 and 96, plus Flex Cut, a cut in the titanal underfoot for a more progressive and playful flex pattern. More forgiving and more playful than the previous Ranger 102 FR. Offered in two colors.

2023 fischer skis ranger 102

Ranger 108: less metal and more Flex Cut compared to the narrower models. Offered in one color. Fischer athlete Lynsey Dyer says she wanted to hog it during testing and that it made her want to ski more.

Ranger 116: least metal and most Flex Cut in the collection. Most playful ski, oriented for the softest snow. Offered in one color.

“It made me want to ski more. I wanted to hog it during testing.”

Fischer athlete Lynsey Dyer on the new Ranger 108
fischer skis 2023 ranger 108
The new Fischer Ranger 108 looks sleek and skis like it’s on a mission.

Other Highlights

Ranger Free boots are updated.

fischer skis 2023 ranger 102
Our staffer Alex was pumped about the freshly redesigned Fischer Ranger 102.

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