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Liberty Skis 2022 Preview

Liberty Skis 2022: The First Look

The Origin Story

Liberty keeps things simple. Based up the road from us here in Colorado, they design skis that look slick and ski better. The line is straightforward and easy to understand. The skis roll with Colorado in their DNA.

liberty skis 2022 origin 106
The legendary Origin series gets a refresh for 2021-2022.

For 2021-22, Liberty revamps its classic Origin collection of freeride skis. Considering the lineup’s popularity among prominent Colorado skiers, it’s a big move. The most notable addition is a new ski, the Origin 101, and a new construction: VMT 1.0.

VMT, or “vertical metal technology,” comes to the Origin series as a metal laminate between full-length bamboo stringers. Carbon strips add extra stability and torsional strength. That’s the gist of VMT, which isn’t new to Liberty skis (see: Evolv). It’s just new to Origin.

Wisely, the version of VMT that Liberty adds to the Origins adds energy and strength without adding bulk. For years, skiers have loved the Origins’ versatility hunting powder across western mountains. The goal is to enhance that ability rather than take it away.

Our first round of testing on the new Origins leads us to believe that Liberty has succeeded. Big time.

Oh, we almost forgot! In addition to better Origins, Liberty also rolls out a backcountry version for the new season. Here’s the rundown:

liberty skis 2022 origin 106
Metal has arrived in the Origin collection.

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What’s New

Updated Origin 96, Origin 106, and Origin 112. Each ski gets metal, with Liberty’s VMT 1.0 core.

Brand-new Origin 101. Construction mirrors the other Origins, including VMT 1.0.

Brand-new Origin Backcountry 106. Lightweight yet sturdy core, which includes bamboo, cedar, aspen, and carbon.

Genesis skis on the women’s side mirror the changes made to the Origin family.

New Genesis 101 matches the Origin 101.

Genesis Backcountry 106 matches the Origin Backcountry 106.

The Evolv series skis get an even beefier core construction.

After some initial testing, we think the new Origins ski and look better than ever.

Other Highlights

Helix skis return unchanged.

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