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POC Goggle Lens Guide

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Click here to shop our POC goggles.

POC has a lens for every type of condition you may encounter on the mountain for a clear and safe view. POC lenses provide uncompromising protection and optical performance. Here we break down each lens and its purpose, but first it's important we cover some key lens vocabulary.

VLT - Visible Light Transmission - this is indicated as a percentage. It is the percentage of light the lens allows through. The lower the number, the less light can pass through the lens, making the lens darker.

Conditions - This describes the ideal conditions for using the lens. However, most lenses can be used in all conditions, especially in the 15-55% V.L.T. range.

Lens   V.L.T. Conditions Description
Black 7% Sunniest days Dark black tint ideal for very bright and sunny conditions.
Photochromic Silver Mirror 10-50% All conditions A lens featuring NXT Technology that quickly and automatically adapts to the light conditions of the day. The photochromic dye is embedded in the lens, meaning it will not be affected by wear and tear of the lens. Depth perception is better with these and are best for flat light to sunny conditions.
Persimmon Green Mirror 17% Sunny Boosting contrast with persimmon base, green mirror cuts out glare. For sunny conditions.
Pink Gold Mirror 31% Sunny/Partly cloudy Lens with a multi-layer gold mirror coating for all around use. Good for partly cloudy conditions.
Bronze Silver Mirror 32% Sunny/Partly cloudy Brown base lens tint with a reflective coating for sunny conditions.
Bronze Blue Mirror 33% Sunny/Partly Cloudy Brown base lens tint with a blue mirror reflective coating for overcast to sunny conditions.
NXT Sonar Orange 39% All conditions Non-mirrored lens that gives the user the best contrast perception, high brilliance of colors and contours, especially at high speed and in changing light conditions. Improves visual acuity in all light conditions.
Persimmon Red Mirror 41% All conditions Boosting contrast with persimmon base, red mirror cuts out glare. Ideal for overcast to sunny conditions.
Yellow 71% Partly cloudy Enhances contrast and visual definition; perfect for flat to medium light days.
Clear 90% Night An ideal lens for night skiing or riding.

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