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Brand Spotlight: Obermeyer

Obermeyer ski gear and clothing turn heads on any slope around the world. When asked to prioritize fashion or function, Obermeyer asks "well, why not both?" Their stylish looks are easily identified on the hill by folks who look like they've seamlessly cruised from their morning coffee in town to bee-lining past you on the slopes, warm and comfortable in even the coldest temps. Obermeyer tailors their gear to be comfortable for long days out and about in the mountains, without sacrificing stylish lines and colors.

Flattering fits and four-way stretch fabrics are a running theme, offering an alternative to the generally baggier and loose fitting ski gear we see these days. Many products are well insulated too, ensuring you can spend all day on the hill and transition to the apres patio scene without batting an eye.

Obermeyer started in Aspen and remains a family owned and operated company (with founder Klaus still going to work every day). With big innovations over the years -- in not only ski gear, but fashion -- like down ski parkas, double-lens ski goggles, and new ideas for ski boots, Obermeyer earned their place as a pillar of ski fashion.

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More about Obermeyer

Obermeyer gear tends to run on the slightly slim or small side. If you usually find yourself between sizes, we usually recommend sizing up. We have notes on specific products that size in a particular way, but if you have questions about Obermeyer's sizing, feel free to give us a call or when in doubt, check the size guide. Check out our Obermeyer size guide here.

Beyond building strong products that will last you for ages, Obermeyer is looking at more creative solutions to make more sustainable products. Obermeyer partners with Repreve, who repurpose recycled plastic water bottles into various types of fabrics. The bottles are cleaned, melted and reformulated into a new resin, and then melted and extruded to create a fiber that can be spun into yarn. Ever thought you would wear ski gear made with wasteful water bottles? Neither did we, and we're psyched. Read more about Obermeyer and Repreve here.

Legendary Aspen resident Klaus Obermeyer moved to town in the late 1940s to become a ski instructor in a blossoming ski town. Obermeyer Sport began developing gear for the locals, and the rest is history. While they mostly focus on clothing these days, Obermeyer dabbled in everything from ski boots to sunscreen. Klaus is 102 years old these days, and still skiing the steeps of Aspen.