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Brand Spotlight: Norrona

When you put a piece of Norrona gear on, something feels a little different. Perfectly comfortable, details right where you need them and not where you don't, with great warmth to weight ratios across the board. Norrona gear is thoughtful, functional, and aesthetically designed.

Norrona began in 1929 with a vision to fill a hole for specialized mountain equipment. Approaching a century in the outdoor business (and still family owned by fourth generation Jorgen Jorgensen), they expanded their expertise from high quality hunting and mountaineering equipment to freeride skiing, backcountry touring, mountain biking, and ice climbing.

Norrona's various collections represent a different region in Norway that each have different terrain, lending themselves to various sports. Each collection features products that are specialized and tailored for your chosen outdoor pursuit. The Lofoten collection hosts "big mountain freeride" features and style, and is the most resort oriented of the Norrona lineup. Tamok is for our powder chasers and backcountry freeriders, while Lyngen keeps uphill focused backcountry tourers warm and dry with remarkably light gear.

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More about Norrona

Norrona sets standards in the outdoor industry for environmental and social sustainability. They utilize recycled materials (their entire backpack collection is made from 100% recycled materials), audit their suppliers to ensure they follow Norrona's code of conduct, avoid PFCs, and use green energy and organic materials. Norrona plans to be carbon neutral and completely zero waste by 2029.

Norrona's products are some of the best in the business in terms of durability. Besides a rock solid construction on all their gear, Norrona also offers repairs on their products. You can register your product, explain the damages, and send the product in. No need to buy a whole new item when you can fix the one you love. Read more about the process here.

Norrona typically fits true to size, depending on the collection and style. Lofoten and Tamok gear tends to run on the slightly roomier side, with a more modern freeride cut. Lyngen, Falketind, and Trollvegen all fit more slim with a technical fit. When in doubt, check the product's details--you'll see either slim, technical, regular, or relaxed. Check out Norrona's size guide here.