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This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

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By: Justin
Humans are fickle beasts, you know? Strivers, for better or worse, never quite satisfied with the world around us. That's why early explorers sailed to the edge of the world. That's what put footprints on the moon. And that's what drove Volkl to reimagine the Mantra after a dozen years as a best-seller. Thinner, lighter, turnier, more cambered, and with a bigger sweet spot than the old Mantra, the new Mantra M5 is a versatile, all-mountain crusher. It became one of our very favorite do-everything Colorado skis here in the shop, and came with us for all but the deepest days this winter. And a lot of fellow strivers must've agreed with us: the Mantra M5 sold out in record time. Step into a pair, if you get a chance, and dream big.

In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Emily

2020 Volkl Skis Preview

Read our preview of 2021 Volkl Skis Innovation is the Mantra In 2019, the completely redesigned M5 Mantra hit the hill hard. Featuring Volkl's innovative Titanal Frame, the M5 was livelier, lighter, and zippier than a YKK. It took off with advanced and expert skiers alike, so for 2020, Volkl will double down on their Titanal Frame construction. This year, Volkl has completely reimagined their freeride line: check out 2020 Volkl Skis. 2020 Volkl Skis Highlights: The M5 Mantra returns untouched - but now we have the Mantra 102, a big brother to the M5. With a fatter 102mm waist, these boards are built to rip big lines. Big lines = longer turns, so Volkl gave the Mantra 102 a 3D Radius Sidecut, lending to a variety of turn shapes. The tight center turn radius provides ... Continue Reading

By: Matt M

The 12 Skis of Christmas—and Every Other Ski Day

We're not spoiled. Powder7 staffers just try out current and popular skis every week, embark on company powder missions, crush sunny groomers en masse, and talk about skis for a living. We also go to an industry demo event every November at Loveland Ski Area to stay on top of our craft. Ok, maybe we are spoiled. But our ski fever comes from a good place—we want to try as many products as we can in order to help you get on the right pair of skis. So here are some of our favorites from last month's Loveland demo, just in time for you to blow through that holiday check from your mother-in-law. The Favorites Allegra: DPS Nina A99 Alchemist Ski style: "I'm on skis, they're sliding me downhill, and I'm having a freaking blast. I'll ski anything except overcrowded cat ... Continue Reading

By: Matt M

The Skier's Gift Guide: 2018 Men's Edition

Looking for the women's edition of our Skier's Gift Guide? Just click here.   Don't be stressed this gift-buying season. Why not? Because the skier in your life isn't. He's calling in sick, hoarding credit card points and dreaming up escapades from Hokkaido to Zermatt. Yet for all his talk about ski equipment, epic days, and possible cat skiing trips, he'll probably suffer from a common affliction: the inability to decide. This makes your path clear. Be his superhero and decide for him. How, you ask? By using our state-of-the-art ski-buying matrix, born from algorithms doodled on ski lodge napkins, espresso-fueled graphic design hauls, and lots—we mean lots—of gear testing. Shopping for the powder chasin' rad dad? The Nordica Enforcer 110 will give him all the float and ... Continue Reading

By: Matt M

The Best All Mountain Skis of 2019

If we had a dollar for every time customers say they're looking for "good all mountain skis," we would...well...we would own more pairs of good all mountain skis. In today's skiing landscape, defining categories of gear can be tough. All mountain skis differ for different people. The powder-hungry freeride skier at Jackson skis the whole mountain on playful sticks with waist widths around 110 millimeters. The rad dad drops his kids at a lesson in the morning and has four hours to charge every trail off the summit quad on the widest skis he's ever used—metal-loaded chargers that measure 93 millimeters underfoot. The Bostonian escapes to Killington to rip bumps, groomers, and tree stashes on 85-millimeter-wide Swiss Army knives that are the best "all mountain" skis he read about ... Continue Reading

By: Matt M

The Legendary Volkl Mantra Gets a Makeover

Also read our review of the Volkl Mantra 102, new for 2020. The Volkl Mantra M5, new for 2019, marks the biggest evolution yet for one of the industry's most iconic skis. Over the last half-decade-plus, the Mantra has built a cult following on hard-charging, powder-hunting, all-mountain skiing. It's gone through redesigns, but it's always measured around 100 mm underfoot and lugged two sheets of metal.  Not so with the M5. The newest Mantra still wants to be skied aggressively, and it still excels across the mountain even in less-than-ideal conditions. But it's got some key differences over its predecessors: Camber underfoot: Volkl brings back the rocker-camber-rocker profile, giving the M5 increased pop and energy underfoot, plus a longer effective edge, with increased ... Continue Reading

2021 Volkl Mantra M5 Description:

Building off the success of its legacy-building predecessors, the fifth generation of the Mantra has dominated since Volkl released it two years ago. Back for 2021 with a slightly updated paint-job, it's a radar-shattering sports car mashed up with an off-road-revelling Jeep Wrangler. For what it's worth, we have loved it since our first test, when three of our staffers just about beat their hoots and hollers down the hill at Copper Mountain. In addition to challenging the speed of sound, the M5 features enough tip and tail rocker to slay bumps, trees, and mixed snow as a legit all-mountain destroyer. Whether you ski in the East, West, or Middle, and as long as you promise to give the M5 all you've got, this ski will reconfigure what you thought you knew about all-mountain skis. If you haven't yet, it's time to give ‘er a rip. Similar skis: Blizzard Bonafide, Salomon Stance 96, Kastle FX96 HP.

2021 Volkl Mantra M5 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 9
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:4070 grams (per pair for size 177cm) Learn more about ski weights