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Kastle TX103 Skis Now On Sale

In Depth Staff Reviews:

Four Dreamy Alpine Touring Setups for 2022

Get Up to Get Down. Why slog uphill in the alpine wind to get one run when you could sit on a chairlift and get 15?  Whether you're just getting into alpine touring or you end up in places like this, you need the right gear. | PHOTO: Powder7 ambassador Alton Richardson Let's be honest. No core skier is all that sane. To many of us, earning our turns can be even more rewarding than skiing the resort. It's that quality/quantity conundrum. And while we agree we should probably spend our money on other things (or save it!), we can't stop dreaming about ideal alpine touring ... Continue Reading

Kastle Skis 2022 Preview

Kastle Skis 2022: The First Look Time for a New FX The 2021-22 Kastle FX96 Ti and 106 Ti bring metal back to the "Free Cross" collection, while the new ZX100 and ZX115 pack freeride flavor into the lineup. Shop Kastle Skis Renowned for building premium (and fast!) skis from premium materials and race-room inspiration, Kastle dominates when it comes to frontside all-mountain skis. Over the last half-decade, they've been tinkering with their approach to the world of wider all-mountain/off-piste and freeride skis. For several product cycles—Kastle typically makes updates in ... Continue Reading

Kastle Skis 2021 Preview

See our preview of the latest skis from Kastle Kastle Skis 2021: The First Look The Drifter. Kastle is known for making micro-adjustments every two years to its rock-solid, hard-charging skis. In the last two years, though, the brand has teed up some larger-scale edits and additions. Last year, they redesigned the all-mountain/freeride FX line. This year, true to their two-year release schedule, they tweak the MX skis. The old reliable MX84 comes back as the MX83, and it sheds a bit of weight. The idea is to retain classic MX character (speedy, smooth, and traditional) while making ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2022 Kastle TX103:

The 2020-2021 TX103 is the newest addition to the ski touring collection from Kastle. Whether you got into human-powered skiing before the days of COVID-19 or because of them, hearing the words "premium backcountry ski" in the same sentence should snag your attention. At 103mm underfoot, the TX103 takes the Kastle touring range into new territory: everyday backcountry skis for everyday backcountry skiers. Narrower skis in the series have impressed avid ski tourers and ski mountaineers for several years with their unparalleled ratio of weight (super low) to strength (surprisingly high). Skiers with more playful styles, though, or those looking for a wider ski for powder missions, largely passed. Now, the TX103 opens a door for those people into Kastle ("kes-lee"). Still svelte enough for spring ski-mo adventures, this ski performs better than any previous TX in powder. Kastle moved the contact points in the tips and tails closer to the center of the ski, making the TX103 more maneuverable in tight terrain and "slashier" in soft snow. They also enlarged the neon-colored spheroid at the tips (called Hollowtech 3.0) by 13 percent, helping the front of the ski reduce vibrations and tip chatter as well as the rest of the skis in the 2021 Kastle collection. Insanely light considering its superb downhill versatility, the TX103 should be at the top of your list if you plan to spend less time on chairlifts. Similar skis: Black Crows Navis Freebird, Blizzard Zero G 105.

2022 Kastle TX103 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Partial Sidewall
Weight:3330 grams (per pair for size 181cm) Learn more about ski weights

Skis In The Kastle TX103 Series:

TX103 (103mm) In Stock