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Kastle MX99 Skis Now On Sale

This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

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By: Derek L
It's hard to go too far with compliments for the MX line from Kastle. They essentially took their bread and butter race construction and went ahead and made some of the best frontside carving skis on the market. The MX99 takes it's cue from the enormously popular MX89 and gives you that additional width underfoot along with early rise. That means you can carve deep tracks in the untouched corduroy in the morning and when the snow starts dumping while you eat your bowl of chili at lunch you can run back out and play in the soft stuff. Make sure you tighten your belt because this thing won't hesitate no matter how much speed you dump into it.
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Powder7 Staff Pickdisplay_name
By: Justin
We're Kastle fans here in the shop, and our expectations for new Kastle skis are always unreasonable. A tough crowd, we are. Even by our impossible standards, the all-new MX99 is a sensation. It has that burly feel of the much-loved MX98, but with tip rocker, a bit of carbon, and a more playful shape. In steep, variable Copper Mountain snow, we found that it still railed at reckless speeds--but delivered more versatility than the MX98 in soft snow stashes off of Timberline Express. For aggressive skiers riding big mountains, the MX99 is your new Swiss Army Knife.

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2020 Kastle MX99 Description:

Whoa. An MX with early rise. This newest member of the trail-crushing, speed-loving MX series makes waves for 2019 with two major updates from previous iterations. Along with the early rise tip, which eases turn initiation and makes the ski quicker and more versatile, the MX99 features carbon, built into the core atop titanal, fiberglass, and wood. The effect: an even smoother, more damp, more predictable ride the whips into and out of turns with ease. The early rise and versatile 99mm waist width means this is an MX that can legitimately rip trees and back bowls along with any trail anywhere. That is, as long as you enjoy skiing like your hair's on fire.

2020 Kastle MX99 Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:All Mountain Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 9
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:4390 grams (per pair for size 176cm) Learn more about ski weights