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Kastle MX74 Skis Now On Sale

2019 Kastle MX74 Description:

The MX line has been tried and true with Kastle for over 5 years now without many changes at all. For 2018 Kastle has laid out an entirely new MX line. You of course get all of the same fantastic quality you should expect from a Kastle with just some slight updates. The most glaringly obvious change is a new size run. So instead of MX 78, 83, 88 and 98, now we have MX 74, 84, and 89. The biggest improvement for 2018, I would have to say, is the new contact point structure. What we mean by this is the contact point and widest point on older MX lines was all the way at the very tip and the very tail of the ski. For 2018, they have brought the contact point for both the tip and tail of all MX skis in closer towards the middle of the ski. The biggest change in performance will be a tighter turning radius or you can think of it as entering and exiting a turn a bit easier than in the past.

Ski Features:
Hollowtech Tip
Sandwich Sidewall Titanal
Standard Camber
0.5mm Titanal Base and Top Sheet
ABS Sidewalls
Ash and Silver Fir Wood Core


2019 Kastle MX74 Specs:

Rocker:Traditional Camber
Ability Level:Ability Level 9
Construction:Full Sidewall

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