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Kastle FX106 HP Skis Now On Sale

In Depth Staff Reviews:

By: Matt McDonald

2020 Kastle Skis Preview

Year of the FX Kastle must have been inspired by the turn of a new decade. Because for a company that typically makes small, incremental updates, the lineup of 2020 Kastle skis features some big changes. The FX, "free cross," family is expanded and rebuilt. It swallows the old BMX series, serving up a formidable collection: the FX86, 96, 106, and 116. The wild kicker? None of the skis have metal in their build. Read our review of the new FX96 HP and FX106 HP We've also got some women's specific skis for 2020. Kastle brings back the Vogue name from an '80s collection and slaps it on a three-ski all-mountain family, including the FX96 W along with the new DX85 W and DX75 W. With slightly forward recommended mount points, lighter weights, and no metal, these skis profile ... Continue Reading

2020 Kastle FX106 HP Description:

Say what? High-performance Kastle skis that have no metal? Nope, we are not lying. For 2020, Kastle overhauled its freeride lineup, doing away with the BMX moniker and replacing it with more FXs. But the changes dont stop there. This all-new FX106 HP replaces the old BMX105 HP, and it replaces metal with a carbon sock that wraps the fiberglass and wood in the core to provide energy, strength, and dampness. Whew. The result: a mid-fat all-mountain powder ski that still has that Kastle special sauce. More versatile than ever, the FX106 HP can be the ultimate chariot for an expert, but it can also be a great ski for an intermediate skier. Yes...this is quite a ski.

2020 Kastle FX106 HP Specs:

Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Full Sidewall