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Powder7 Staff Pick Thomas
By: Thomas
This ski is a blast! It floats through soft snow with ease and has you chasing powder stashes and fresh tracks all day! The fact that it has full rocker somewhat counteracts the burliness to make it surprisingly maneuverable. I break it out if there's even a remote chance of snow in the forecast or if they have leftover pockets of soft snow at the resort. All that said, it a beefy, fun ski that makes you chase powder and side hits. I've had my very best days of skiing on the Noctas! I'll keep these things til they can't ski anymore!
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Powder7 Staff Pick Justin
By: Justin
How's this for a recommendation: on our company powder-chasing trips, we always bring multiple pairs of the Black Crows Nocta. Everybody wants to ski it, so one isn't enough. It's up there with the K2 Pon2oon as our favorite deep day board, and the Nocta is more or less unsinkable. On a powder day at Wolf Creek, it popped off cornices and small cliffs, surfed our favorite untracked hike-to lines, and pivoted with playful ease through the Wolf's famous numbered chutes. Even in chopped up snow the day after a storm, the Nocta powered through without getting deflected, and its massive surface area kept me floating like a cork. On the best days of the season, the Nocta is the only friend you need.

Powder7 Staff Pick Jordan
By: Jordan
This is perhaps my favorite powder day ski. I skied it at Wolf Creek on a powder day and a skied up powder day. On day with deep fresh snow it performed exceptionally well. It was super poppy off jumps and small cliff drops and skied the fresh snow with ease. The soft flex and twin tip tail made it really playful, turning the mountain into a playground.
The next day, things were skied up a bit. Normally I would have gone down to something skinnier but I stuck with the Nocta to test it's chops. I was really surprised how well it still skied. It was still really fun in the skied up trees and on a groomer or two. It's a relatively lightweight ski which really helps it to turn quickly and stay nimble.
All in all, a great ski that I'll continue to use on dream days.

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Black Crows Skis 2023-2024 Preview

Black Crows Skis 2024: The First Look "Is that an NFT?" A new year means new Black Crows skis and fresh candy colored art across the board. The Chamonix based ski brand remains a top pick for Powder7 staff and customers alike. A common question we hear on the phone goes as follows, "do you all sell Black Crows?" Yes, yes we do. We'll dive into what's new, what's returning, and what quotes are on the sidewalls for Black Crows skis in 2024. What's New The biggest news from Black Crows comes from their biggest ski: Nocta. The ultra playful 122mm underfoot ski is a powder ... Continue Reading

Our Take On The 2024 Black Crows Nocta:

The Black Crows Nocta has been a shop favorite for powder hunting ever since it was born out of French fever dream in the mountains of Chamonix. It's always been a surfy, unsinkable beast in deep snow, perfectly blending playfulness and stability. New for 2024, Black Crows has tweaked the legend, adding a bit of camber underfoot for even more balance and bite. The Nu Nocta is also a touch softer, overall, to ensure that no maneuverability was sacrificed in doing away with the old fully rockered, reverse camber shape. And yes, that is a hint of a swallow tail at both ends. Still unsinkable, still energetic, and still intuitive, the 2024 Nocta maintains its grip on the title of World's Best Powder Ski.

2024 Black Crows Nocta Specs:

Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 7
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3860 grams (per pair for size 177cm) Learn more about ski weights

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