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Astis is the Native American Cree word for mitten. One of the company founders received a pair of authentic Cree leather mittens as a gift, and he recognized their supreme quality of craftmanship and warmth, which far surpassed any other mitts he'd ever used. When his sister's dog ate the original mittens, the die was cast, and the first steps were taken toward what would become Astis Mittens. Dedicated to creating the most beautiful, intricate, stylish, durable, and functional mittens and gloves on the market today, Astis mittens and gloves are unmistakable. Get yourself a pair of Astis mittens, and it may well be the last pair of mittens you'll ever need to buy. Hand sewn in the USA, each Astis mitt is crafted with high quality leather suede. Intricate bead-work helps set Astis mitts apart as more than just mittens - they are highly functional, extremely durable artwork. Wear these incredibly warm and comfortable mitts skiing or out on the town, they are guaranteed to turn heads.