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Ski Luggage Shopping Guide

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1. What size are your skis?

Ski bags are listed with the appropriate length ski which will fit inside. This includes skis and poles. A 170cm bag will fit skis up to 171cm length ski. Longer skis may not fit. You want to have a bag as close to the size of your skis as possible for a snug fit. Of course, to use up space you can pack the bag with clothes and soft ski gear too.

2. How many skis are you bringing?

If you are bringing 1 set of skis, you need a single bag. 2 sets, a double. 3 sets, a triple. 3 sets of skis can be heavy so you might want to buy single bags for your family so each individual skier can carry his or her own equipment. Boots typically will not fit in your ski bag, you'll have to get a separate boot bag for them.

3. How are you traveling?

Do you fly to skiing destinations multiple times a year? If so, durability is very important. If you need a bag to go in your car every once in a while, you needn't buy such a durable bag. Some bags are padded for protection, while others are a shell. For those bags with a shell, you can put clothes or towels inside for ski protection and ease of travel. If you are flying, we recommend a bag with wheels.

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