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The Best Skis Made in the USA

This post was originally published in June 2018 and has since been updated with new skis.

O say, can you ski? 

If your love for powder days makes you see fireworks, you need bomber skis that do the same.  This Independence Day, support American businesses with gear designed and manufactured under the stars and stripes.  Celebrate Christmas in July with Powder7’s handpicked selection of the best skis made in the USA.

best skis made in the usa
PHOTO: © U.S. Ski and Snowboard

Our Top Picks: Skis Made in the USA

Best Skis Made in the USA: Icelantic Nomad 115

Icelantic Nomad 115

It’s not a new face, but it’s a favorite.

Our Take: The Nomad 115 turns its nose up at lift lines and groomers. Made for big mountain lines away from the piste and crowds with the playful feel you can expect from the Nomad line-up. Unchanged for 2023, except for a new badass topsheet and a brand new 176cm size, this ski hits the sweet spot for skiers who know where to go days after a storm. 115mm underfoot keeps this ski floating on fresh and leftover powder, but can bust through the crud and chop when it’s necessary. Tip and tail rocker allow the ski to swivel through trees and butter over pillow drops. The Nomad 115 is the perfect powder ski if you find yourself on the east coast, or a killer big mountain ski for the western mountains.

Icelantic Nia Pro 105

Our neighbors at Icelantic Skis debuted the Nia Pro for the 2020-21 season, and the skis looked as good as they skied (per usual with Icey, right?). Since the debut, these skis have constantly “wowed” our staffers and customers.

Our Take: The Nia Pro comes back for 2023 with just a graphics update, no structural changes changes. Its artwork, which features the fireweed flower that exemplifies wild places for so many adventurers, is some of our favorite to come from Icelantic wizard Travis Parr. And its build, which was led by the members of the Icelantic womens pro team, makes it unique. At 105mm underfoot, the Nia Pro storms into the hot category of mid-fat all-mountain/big mountain skis with a new twist: Reflective Rocker. This fresh design matches the rocker profile of the Nia with its sidecut radius. So, you get all the benefits of a fully rockered ski, like superb powder surf and ultimate maneuverability, plus extra edge hold. That means you can spend your whole day exploring the mountain and sessioning your stashes with a ski prepared to handle just about everything you find, except maybe the deepest pow or hardest (iciest) groomers. The Nia stomps landings, links carves, pivots on a dime, and reimagines what an all-mountain ski can feel like. Our ski testers, ladies and guys, were instantly hooked on that feeling. 

DPS Pagoda 106 C2

Surrounded by the Salt Lake City skyline, DPS ski geniuses constantly dream up new innovations. Their latest brainchild? Pagoda. 

Our Take: You don’t need a full quiver of skis when you own the brand new DPS Pagoda 106 C2 (but we know you’ll probably have one anyway!). Featuring Pagoda, the newest innovation in carbon ski construction from our SLC-based friends at DPS, this 106 C2 could be their smoothest-skiing model yet. Compared to last year’s Alchemist version, it’s a little lighter, more damp, and more eco-friendly. That construction pairs with the C2 chassis to give the ski a directional, powerful, high-energy feel that advanced and expert skiers love. While the smeary RP shape pivots and slashes across the fall line, the C2 wants to attack. Faster laps mean more laps, right? Whether you own one setup or five, we bet you’ll happily spend most of your days on these beasts in pow, hardpack, and everything in between.

Best Skis Made in the USA: DPS Pagoda Tour 112 C2

DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP

For 2022-23, DPS spiced up their already impressive Pagoda Tour construction. You won’t find a more fun powder touring ski than the 112 RP. Not here, not anywhere.

Our Take: DPS calls the brand new DPS Pagoda Tour 112 RP their strongest downhill touring model they’ve ever developed, and we won’t argue. Combining their classic 112 RP shape with the new Tour construction, DPS created a rock solid touring ski that can handle anything the conditions throw at it. For 2023, DPS introduces their brand new Third Rail Technology in the updated Pagoda Tour series. An additional third strip – made from algae! – runs through the center of the ski to provide additional dampness and a smoother ride than previous tour models. By binding the various pieces of the construction together better, the Third Rail allows the skis to track more consistently and create a stronger downhill ride. All while maintaining that ultra light weight we’ve come to know and love from DPS touring skis. The Pagoda Tour 112 RP specifically is your powder partner in crime. A heavily rockered shape and deep taper lines allow the ski to float seamlessly and respond quickly for great maneuverability, even in the deepest snow. So, take that extra lap or two, it’s worth it.

Moment Wildcat 108

Built outside Sparks, Nevada, Moment skis have built a cult-like following among freeride skiers. And we mean that in the best way. The Wildcat 108 epitomizes the daily driver big-mountain-minded skiers are looking for.

Our Take: Get this: A group of three or more cats is called a “clowder.” Read that again, New Englanders…it’s not “chowder.” If you haven’t met these felines yet, allow us to introduce you to the Moment Skis Clowder: the Wildcats. The Wildcat 108 is the mid-width ski in the crew and our favorite kitty since Mufasa. With deep rocker lines, a mid-range weight, and a progressive flex, they love slashing, surfing, and getting airborne. Here at Powder7, our staffers routinely ski 108mm skis as daily drivers. The Wildcat 108 is a go-to. And a bunch of us are dog people! So if you are building your own clowder of skis and need to fill the powder-loving, all-mountain crushing mid-fat slot, you should consider adopting a Wildcat 108.

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