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If your love for powder days makes you see fireworks, you need bomber skis that do the same.  This Independence Day, support American businesses with gear designed and manufactured under the stars and stripes.  Celebrate Christmas in July with Powder7’s handpicked selection of the best skis made in the USA.

best skis made in the usa
PHOTO: © U.S. Ski and Snowboard

Women’s Best Skis Made in the USA

Sego UP Pro 108

Designed in collaboration with world-class athletes, Sego skis have heralded numerous awards.  They are hand-made at Sego’s World Headquarters in Victor, Idaho and tested in the Tetons.  After only four seasons, the Sego line has soared to 21 models with Lynsey Dyer’s UP series at the forefront.

The UP Line is reason enough to love Sego.  When it comes to designing women’s skis, most brands “pink it and shrink it.”  They slap a vivid, flowery topsheet on a men’s ski, soften the flex, and call it good enough.  But Sego gives as much time and attention their women’s skis as they do to their men’s.

The UP 108 is as playful, lively, and built to rip.  With a 108mm waist, it floats like a breeze in powder.  It’s soft, but it’s no wet noodle; on hardpack, it carves trenches.  The men at our shop like to the UP Pro 108 as much as the women do–and it’s not just because they’re enamored with Lynsey.

Icelantic Maiden 101

What began as an unceremonious endeavor in a ramshackle garage grew into Icelantic Skis.  Founded by three Colorado natives, Icelantic builds their skis in Denver at the Never Summer Factory.

Building skis by hand is a craft.  To the craftsman at Icelantic, domestic manufacturing enriches the community by supporting the arts and artisans.  Co-founder Travis Parr has personally created original artwork for every one of Icelantic’s legendary topsheet graphics.

Buttery and poppy, the Maiden 101 is for playful skiers.  It’s soft and forgiving, but drive it hard and it can bust through crud without holding back.  At 101mm underfoot, it’s a fun all-mountain tool with a preference for back bowls and trees.  Boys, if the Maiden is your dream-girl, try the burlier men’s version, the Nomad 105.

best skis made in the usa
Icelantic Maiden 101 topsheets designed by Icelantic co-founder, Travis Parr.


ON3P Jessie 88

Ten minutes outside Portland, Oregon, the ON3P factory is buzzing, pressing, and building their skis by hand.  When ON3p was founded in 2009, they believed they could build a better ski than other companies who were mass-producing overseas.  And they proved it with the Jessie 88.

Poppy and easy to flex, the Jessie 88 is for skiers with a playful style.  It’s fun in the park, forgiving in bumps, and can lay down an edge on groomed terrain.  At 88mm underfoot, it’s best for skiers who prefer the front side or ski the east. 

Men’s Best Skis Made In the USA

Moment PB&J

Moment was born in Nevada in 2002, and today they manufacture their skis a stone’s throw from Reno in Sparks.  Their skis grabbed international attention during the 2010 Olympics when American skier Shannon Bahrke skied her Moments to a bronze medal in moguls, and again this year when David Wise took home gold in the halfpipe.

Known for small-batch skis with epic graphics, Moment struck gold when they rolled out the PB&J.  Many ski testers agree it’s their best ski.  It’s also one of the most well-rounded options in the industry’s crowded field of 100mm-110mm waisted freeride skis.

Whether you’re dissecting birch groves at Vermont’s Jay Peak, arcing high-speed GS turns down the Vail back bowls, tackling chutes at Big Sky, or mining leftover chopped-up powder down Mount Hood, the PB&J inspires confidence and freedom.  True to form for Moment, the PB&J has a high playfulness factor and skis switch well.  But overall, it offers a powerful ride on the stiffer side for aspiring intermediate skiers to experts.

DPS Wailer 106 Tour1

Foundation.  Alchemist.  Hybrid.  Pure3.  DPS’ various lines and families can be tough to keep straight.  One thing that’s simple, though, is the fact that their Tour1 construction breeds some of the best alpine touring skis in the industry.

As DPS’ all-mountain/big-mountain powder-oriented fleet, the Wailers are engineered with plentiful rocker and taper.  The 106 version gives you enough plank to devour soft snow, yet it’s also narrow enough to sneak through rocky labyrinths.  Pack the Tour1 build—balsa and carbon core plus cap sidewalls—into the Wailer 106, and you end up with a stupid-light setup that climbs easy and descends smooth.

Whether you make a living surfing soul turns through alpine meadows or enjoy scaring yourself on lonely ridges—or even if you’re new to touring—give the Wailer 106 Tour1 a look.

Ladies, for an ultralight setup, check out the women’s-specific version, the Zelda 106 Tour1.


best skis made in the usa
Moment Deathwish and DPS Wailer 106 Tour1


Moment Deathwish

 In honor of Moment’s cult-like appeal, they get two spots on this list.  While the PB&J strikes an everyman chord, the Deathwish carves its own niche.  When you look at the ski and see all that girth (112mm underfoot) plus the deep rocker lines and medium flex, you think pow pow pow.  The long 27-meter radius also makes you think the ski’s meant to straightline open bowls and faces.  To be clear: the Deathwish can do that, and it is poppy and loaded with surf-oriented energy.

However, it also features a unique triple camber design.  Rather than the usual rocker-camber-rocker appearance of similar skis, the Deathwish essentially goes rocker-camber-rocker-camber-rocker-camber-rocker.  Confused?  Moment isn’t.  They swear the profile helps the Deathwish hold a surprisingly bomber edge on hardpack and in variable conditions.  We agree with them.

These days, increasing numbers of freeride-style skiers are going wider with their daily driver skis, especially in the West.  They’ve got a Deathwish.  And maybe you should too.