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Line Skis 2023 Preview

2023 Line Skis: The First Look

Gas Pedal Metal.

Line remains a shop favorite brand for their enthusiastically fun take on skis. From swallowtail all mountain shredders in the Sakana, to the mega popular Sir Francis Bacon and the park slaying Blend, Line always serves up skis we just want to spend more time on. For 2023, Line releases an entirely new and very hyped up line (no pun intended) of skis: the Blade Optic.

gas pedal metal line skis 2023
Don’t forget: Gas Pedal Metal

What’s New

We first heard the phrase “gas pedal metal” back in 2020 when Line released the original Blade. Typical for Line, this ski was funky and fun. They tweaked conventional side cuts and added metal to the ski to make a wild, snappy, and powerful ride. It’s a sick ski, and constantly shows up to the mountain with Powder7 staffers for hot laps.

This year, Line expands their “gas pedal metal ideology” to a more playful shape. Taking the powerful Blade metal—a combination of strategically shaped vertical and horizontal metal—and sticking it on the shape of the ultra playful Vision, Line presents us a mega playful ski that has the chops to handle all sorts of conditions.

all the Line blade optics 2023
A shot of all the new Blade Optics, with a glimpse of the metal shape on the inside on the far right.

Coming in a true variety of waist widths—a 92, 96, 104, and 114—there’s a Blade Optic for all the conditions you normally deal with. We were able to get on the 96 and 104 late this past season during some soft snow at Loveland Ski Area. We could probably go on for days about what we thought. The short story? They’re drifty, playful, and fun, all without feeling like they’d get tossed around too much.

Other Highlights

All of the skis in Line’s collection get a new top sheet, but there were no internal changes to any of the skis.

other line skis 2023
The fresh art work for the lady Pandora skis, and new art for the original Blades.

Unfortunately, the ever poplar Sick Day skis were discontinued to make room for the new Blade Optics. We promise, once you hop on one of these Blade Optics, you’ll be a convert for life.

Hungry for more? Take a peek at all the other new gear upcoming for the 2023 season.


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