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This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

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By: Justin
You know, it's not every day that you see a swallow tail on anything other than a novelty powder board. And sticking one on the all-mountain Sakana, with its reasonably slim 105mm waist width, is certainly a bold statement from Line. But here's the thing: it works, it looks cool, and it throws up some sweet snow spray. When I rode the Sakana on firm, bumped-up steeps at Copper Mountain, I never felt like I was missing anything in the tail. On the contrary, what grabbed my attention the most was the massive 150mm-wide tip that made this thing want to turn and turn and turn. Super nimble and lively, the Sakana was a delight whether I was railing groomers or hunting for untracked lines in the trees. The tip will flap a bit at reckless speeds--but that's a fair trade-off for a ski this fun, versatile, and unique. Fair warning: people will ask you about the swallow tail in the lift line.

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2020 Line Sakana Description:

When Line debuted the Sakana a year ago, it was the talk of ski tests everywhere. First, skiers hopped on the skis because they had to. The Sakana looked funny and different, so they figured they would try it once for laughs. Seriously, a 105mm ski with swallowtail and absurdly fat tips? LOL, what a hoot! But then, skiers kept skiing the Sakana. Because, well, they wanted to. Everyone knew the skis would be a blast in powder. With oversized, rockered-out tips and a split tail, that part was a no-brainer. But what they did not know was how well the Sakana would carve. With a mount point further back than usual and a notable sidecut, the Sakana absolutely rips on mixed and packed snow and down groomers. Who woulda thunk it? All of a sudden, these skis became a bonafide all-mountain option for powder- (and fun-) oriented skiers, especially in the West. Keep in mind: When we say the Sakana skis groomers well, we do not claim that those huge tips do not flop around a bit. They do. But somehow, when you ski the Sakana, you just dont care. Similar skis: nothing.

2020 Line Sakana Specs:

Radius:[email protected]
Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 8
Construction:Full Sidewall
Weight:3580 grams (per pair for size 174cm) Learn more about ski weights