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Brand Spotlight: Gordini

Based in Vermont and independently owned, Gordini has focused on the same mission since 1956: to keep your hands warm and dry so you can stay outside longer. Gloves are not merely accessories, they are innovative, purpose-built equipment, made to endure the most demanding conditions, season after season. Gordini takes their commitment to people and the planet seriously and build that into everything they do.

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More about Gordini

Gordini generally runs true to size. Check out Gordini's size chart for more information.

Gordini is proud to be a Bluesign System Partner to help ensure the responsible use of resources and maintain the highest level of consumer and worker safety. Currently, 85% of Gordini's products use synthetic materials, 75% of their products use recycled materials, and 15 models are produced using Bluesign approved materials. Moving forward, Gordini is committed to increasing sustainability throughout their line.

Gordini's founding in 1956 can be traced back to bitterly cold winters celebrating snow days and nor'easters. Back then, gloves were relatively basic and cold hands were customary to any blizzarding adventure. Gordini was founded with the simple ambition to keep hands warm and dry so you can stay outside longer, a purpose that continues to guide their innovation today.

By 1970 Gordini introduced the first down and leather glove, now an insulation standard in all winter apparel, not to mention a significant development milestone in their advancement of outdoor gear. In 1980, they partnered with GORE-TEX to pioneer new waterproof technology in gloves. Celebrating over 40+ years in partnership with GORE-TEX, Gordini continues to invest in innovation that makes sense and has a positive impact. Gordini's relationships with their partners and suppliers are as important as delivering products of high quality, durability, and value to customers. Gordini continues to solve for cold hands with the passion, conviction, and responsibility that the future is in all of our hands.

Gordini doesn't just make winter accessories; they build better outdoor gear that withstands the mark of time and steady use. With intentional materials and attention to detail, they design, test, tweak, and solve for the most demanding of conditions that our hands brave season after season.

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