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The 5 Best Womens Backcountry Skis of 2022

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More and more women skiers are exploring powder stashes in the backcountry these days. Often with adventure pups rather than guys...which is awesome. These are Powder7's Top Picks for best womens backcountry skis.

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Best Womens Backcountry Skis: Powder7's Top Picks

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Best Womens Backcountry Skis: Customer Favorites

1. Atomic Backland 107 W $699.99

Atomic Backland 107 W s
Dimensions: 134/107/121
The basics: Shred the backcountry like you shred the patriarchy. But with even more style. The Atomic Backland 107 W wants to be your touring ski for every day of the season...whether the dudes come along or not. Effortlessly blending powder surf and maneuverability in a lightweight package, these skis plane up in every type of untracked snow (thanks to HRZN tech tips, if we are getting technical). When ... learn more

2. Armada Trace 98 $699.95

Armada Trace 98 s
Dimensions: 127/98/119
The basics: Having a different ski for every occasion is the dream for most, but a reality for few. For those of us who only have room for one pair of skis in the garage, or who only invested in a single-ski ski bag, versatility is key. And when we think of versatility, we think of the Armada Trace 98. Back with only a topsheet update for the 2021-22 season, the Trace 98 has been at the top of the list ... learn more

3. Atomic Backland 98 W $699.99

Atomic Backland 98 W s
Dimensions: 128/98/118
The basics: Last season, Atomic quadrupled its options in the women's Backland line to include everything from mountaineering-specific options to powder-touring boards. The Backland 98 W sits in the middle of the range and will likely be the best option for the widest range of skiers. Wide enough to float through soft snow and narrow enough to bite when things firm up, the Backland 98 W gives ... learn more

4. Icelantic Maiden 101 Lite $799.00

Icelantic Maiden 101 Lite s
Dimensions: 136/101/126
The basics: Well you did it...You asked for a touring ski that is light enough to drag up a 14er, but fun enough to want to ski, well, always. And we'll be darned if Icelantic didn't listen and go and make just that. Icelantic has made the Maiden Lite even lighter it's inbounds counterpart with a Paulownia core. The almost symmetrical profile makes for a playful ride, so your skiing style doesn't have ... learn more

5. Armada Trace 108 $749.95

Armada Trace 108 s
Dimensions: 133/108/126
The basics: Back for 2021-22 with a new paint job and the same lightweight Caruba core to match the men's Tracer line, the Armada Trace 108 is the powder hunting adventure buddy you've been looking for. The Trace 108 is up for any objective, big or small, and isn't going to hold you back when the miles get long or the snow gets deep. The weight saving Caruba core is paired with Adaptive Mesh technology ... learn more

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