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This Ski Is A Staff Favorite:

Powder7 Staff Pick Ben
By: Ben
Do you like to butter? Do you like to jump off any bump or a side hit in the snow? Do you like Powder? Do you like dragging those knuckles on the ground? Do you like to lap the park? Basically, do you like snowboarding because this board can do it all. The medium flex partnering with all the cool tech makes for a board that truly is the "master of jack none of all trades" or however that saying goes.

Our Take On The 2024 Salomon Assassin:

Freestyle and park in focus, but laced with versatile features and tech, the Salomon Assassin is a park board that you can ride all over the mountain. A best-seller from Salomon, the Assassin is a go-anywhere-anytime kind of partner. Salomon's Rock Out Camber balances maneuverability with stability and snap, giving you the performance you need on firm snow and groomers while being easy to swing around. The directional twin shape is the best of both worlds, with a true twin shape and slightly set-back bindings. Medium flex lets you press and butter without losing control on the icy trails in the morning. Salomon added their Popster Eco Booster, adding additional bamboo rods for pop, snap, and performance. Chatter and shocks are absorbed with the Royal Cork Rails (a sustainable alternative to Royal Rubber Rails and just as effective). The perfect balance of performance, with everything tuned just right. Kind of like Goldilocks. If Goldilocks was a snow-shredding assassin.

2024 Salomon Assassin Specs:

Rocker:Freeride Rocker
Ability Level:Ability Level 6
Construction:Full Sidewall


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