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Stockli Skis 2023 Preview

Stockli Skis 2023: The First Look

Montero all the way.

Since we started carrying Stockli, the staff here at the shop remains consistently impressed with the balance of killer downhill performance, while still being fun to ski. Creative and new technology blended with what skiers actually want in their gear, makes for some magic skis. The 2023 Stockli skis lineup shakes up quite a bit this year, with two major skis getting a rebrand with a fresh construction and name. When we heard the flagship Laser AR and AX were no more, we wondered what could ever possibly take their place?

The new 2023 Stockli Montero skis, with the Montero AR on top, and the new Montero AX in the very pretty teal. PHOTO: Stockli

What’s New

The brand new Montero AR and AX replace the former Lasers with the same name. Both feature slightly wider profiles and changes to the construction, but still hold the same general shape and feel. The Montero AR clicks in at 84mm underfoot, with the AX at 80mm. The new Montero name separates them from the more on-piste, firm snow, focused Laser collection.

So what makes these new Monteros so special? Stockli adds Flex Torsion Control—wave shaped slits in upper metal layer—just in the shovel and very end of the tail of the ski. This allows for additional flex and less torsional rigidity in the shovel zone, making for easier turn initiation and an improved, smooth ride.

These changes make the Monteros much more versatile all mountain skis. The FTC slits make bumps and inconsistent snow easier to navigate, without losing stability underfoot when you rip a hot groomer lap. We mean, they are still Stocklis after all.

A handful of the new 2023 Stockli skis, with the Montero and WRT Team on the left, the new Nela 80 and 96 art, the WRT Laser Pro and classic, and finally the new Monteros.

Another new ski for 2023 from Stockli is the Laser WRT Pro. Improving on the Laser WRT and WRT ST from previous years, the WRT Pro has nearly every expert, high performance ski feature you could be looking for in your carving skis. With thicker racing sidewalls and a race base, the WRT Pro is engineered to find speed everywhere it goes. Topped off with a very pretty titanal top sheet design, the WRT Pro expects to impress many skiers everywhere.

Other Highlights

The Stockli Stormrider series, after updating last year, returns completely unchanged. The Nela, the sister counterpart to the Stormriders, returns with fresh art, but no changes on the inside.

Read our review of the Stockli Stormrider 88.

stockli skis 2023 stormrider 88, stormrider 95, and stormrider 102
A shot of the whole Stormrider collection, returning unchanged for 2023.

Much of the Laser series returns unchanged, but they do add a special edition Laser CX Orea to the lineup.

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